Just Sein

Episode 18: Capital Punishment, Privatization, Virtual Sex, Pedophiles & Religion

Episode 17: Gun Buy Backs, Self-Defense and Your Right VS Someone Else's

Episode #16: Suffering, Empowerment, Libertarianism and Freedom

Episode #15: Trans Athletes, Morality, Gun Control and Political Indoctrination of Children

Episode #14: Feeling Needed, Opposing Marriage Equality and Gossip

Episode #13: Ego, Why Countries Fail and Identity Politics

Episode #12: The Power Of Choice, The Meaning Of Your Existence and How To Not Be Dead Inside

Episode #11: Connection, Speech As Violence and Men VS Women

Episode #10: False Flags, Gun Control and The Meaning of Life

Episode #9: 9/11, Profits of War and Speaking Your Mind

Episode #8: Tesla, Alien Technology and The Poverty Narrative

Episode #7: Nothingness, DMT (again) and IQ

Episode #6: Hypocrites, Why Porn is Bad and Resenting Those Who Succeed

Episode #5: Being Competitive, Unifying America and Media Bias

Episode #4: Slavery, Socialism, Islam and Welfare

Episode #3: Breaking My Neck and DMT

Episode #2: Aliens, Mushrooms and Gender Politics

Episode #1: My Love Of Free Speech

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