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What kind of bullshit country do we live in where hemp is illegal to consume? Although hemp is part of the Cannabis Sativa family, it contains no (or extremely low) levels of THC. And the reason why it's illegal you ask? Because FSANZ was concerned that "making hemp foods available might send a confused message to consumers about the acceptability and safety of illicit cannabis." You know what I'm confused about... how we are still having this same god damn conversation in 2016 about the "safety" of a fucking PLANT family. Jokes on you government because I ordered hemp protein powder that I WILL eat for its amazing nutritional benefits (through the loop hole that I'm supposed to use the protein powder as a skin exfoliant). Seriously, this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. So they're saying that although there's no reason to make it illegal, they're going to because it could be confusing for people, and make them think that since it's okay to eat hemp, it's okay to smoke marijuana. Which by the way, it is okay to smoke marijuana. Again, I thought that we got past this with the whole undeniable, overwhelming scientific evidence explaining that marijuana is actually good for you, and not bad. But yeah, let's all go out and get drunk and smoke cigarettes instead because the government says that's A-OKAY even though 8.5 million people die every year from alcohol and tobacco related illnesses. That's not confusing at all though that I see advertising on TV for alcoholic products that are directly in relation to the 2.5 million people that either drink themselves to death, or kill other people through drunk actions. I'd say the government is giving me a pretty confused message about the acceptability and safety of alcohol.

This is what it looks like when I try to be sassy with hemp protein.

So someone said to me the other day, "Everything happens for a reason." But does it? I don't think so. Because everything just happens. You could say, well if that didn't happen to me, I wouldn't be where I am today. And it's true. But it doesn't mean that there was some conspiracy where the planets aligned and all of a sudden something happened to you because down the line 2 years later you'd end up where you are now. It just happened. And then another thing happened. And then another thing happened. And that's your life. Just consecutive events occurring one after the other. And no matter what, everything just happens. It sounds weird when you say everything happens for a reason. We just like to pretend that everything happens for a reason to make us feel better about our lives. To make us feel hopeful when things are tough, and to make us feel special when good things happen. What if you just looked at life as nothing. Like everything was nothing, and there was no meaning behind any of it and basically you're actions are meaningless. Isn't that more empowering? I find it almost narcissistic when people think that everything happens for a reason. Like the whole universe is lining shit up, just for you. I think it's safe to say that it's not. You're not important. Your life isn't important. How offended you are isn't important. I think there's some sort of self righteous phenomenon occurring within my generation, and it's bullshit. This sense of self-importance, like your opinion is more valid or more significant than somebody else's. Only 30% of college seniors in the US believe that it's safe to hold unpopular positions on campus. Is this communist China? Are we living in North Korea right now? What type of fascist regime are we creating here where 70% of adult students feel like they can't safely express themselves on campus? This "I'm offended and I want somebody to do something about it!" movement we're seeing right now is DESTROYING our culture. It is destroying our ability to openly discuss ideas and opinions without the threat of violence or harassment. It's destroying the development of new thought, new perspective and above all else, it's destroying tolerance. The intolerability of these leftist regressives to hear any opinion, any view point other than their own, is in fact not promoting the tolerance and acceptance that they so demand with their pronouns, safe spaces, cultural appropriation, privilege checking and trigger warnings, but suggesting the mantra, "If you don't believe what I believe, you're wrong and you shouldn't be allowed to speak." This idea of censorship and protecting people from getting their feelings hurt (god forbid), and removing all confronting viewpoints from discussion creates STUPID people. It creates ignorant, smug, intolerable people that believe the world revolves around their feelings. At what point did we become so afraid to speak our minds? Why is it okay for you to push your thoughts so freely, and yet if my ideas challenge yours, I'm the one who must be quiet? There is an epidemic of mass submissiveness that I'm seeing where people who instead of speaking their not-so-popular view points, would rather keep their mouths shut and heads down, because it's not worth the fight. It's not worth the ridicule and name calling that would inevitably ensue. But if your voice is not worth it, than what is? If your freedom to speak is not worth the effort, than what is? So to all my "in the closet" free thinkers, who disagree with this PC cultural movement that is decimating every controversial stance, every challenging view point and every unpopular belief, you are not alone. And I implore you to speak your mind every damn day. To say what you think without fear of backlash. And if you need some more motivation, here are some of my "unpopular" beliefs. If I offend you, good. If I don't offend you, even better.

1. Pronouns: There are two biological pronouns that I will use: he and she. And for the extremely small percentage of human beings that were born with Gender Identity Disorder, I will absolutely respect your claim to non-binary. I don't believe gender is a social construct and I don't believe you can just make up your gender because you feel like it. However, if you want to be called something else, tell me, and I will call you that. Don't get offended or say it's assault if I call you a man, because you look like a man, and yet you don't identify as a man. I can't read minds, I use my eyeballs and deductive reasoning to determine the sex of a human being like every other person. This abuse of gender pronouns takes away the seriousness of what it actually means for the rare group of people that suffer from Gender Identity Disorder. Which, by the way, makes up a total of 0.2% of the world's population. When you start saying that you have a fluid gender where you fluctuate between being a man and a woman depending on how you feel at the time, or that really you're a 6 year old girl stuck in a 50 year old man's body, or that you identify as a fox, you are abusing the system, and you are a dick head, and quite possibly are mentally ill but nobody can say anything about it because it's "offensive". I'm not being close minded. I'm being factual. And as the great Ben Shapiro says, "Facts that hurt your feelings, are still facts." Your gender doesn't identify with the universe, your gender doesn't identify with an adjective, your gender is biologically assigned to you when you are born. Too many people are making shit up, and pretending they're special. 100% of human beings are born male, female or for the extreme cases, are intersex. But to demand that we play along with this identity politics game, that everyone must NEVER assume what gender you are until they ask you, is absolutely absurd. When people require you to ask them every time you see them what pronoun they'd like to be called, you're only accommodating to their deep sense of entitlement and abiding by the special privileges that they think they deserve over everyone else. Well, I'm here to say that you are not that special. I would never demand that people at every interaction with me, ask what pronoun I'd like to be called. If I chose to fluctuate between genders, then that would be my own personal gender identity construct that I would put on only myself, and nobody else. This idea that we have to completely remove how we identify each other because 0.2% of the world doesn't fit into this category is completely misguided. It's like suggesting that we shouldn't have music, because deaf people can't hear it.

2. Privilege: The biggest privilege you can have in life is not based on race or gender, funnily enough. The biggest privilege you can have in life (statistically speaking), is to be raised in a two parent household. So for instance, a two parent black household has a poverty rate of just 7%. A white single parent on the other hand, has a 22% poverty rate. So from that perspective, your privilege is actually based off of the good decision making from your parents, not from the colour of your skin or from being a man. Plus if we are going to be complaining about white privilege, what about Asian privilege? Asian Americans do better than white Americans in school, in IQ tests, in credit scores, and are actually surpassing whites as the wealthiest group of Americans. White men commit 7 out of every 10 suicides in America. Is that technically called suicide privilege? Because in my opinion, if 70% of all American suicides are coming from white males, we're seeing a serious issue of mental health that is not being addressed appropriately. Imagine for a second, that instead of white men committing suicide, it was black women. Imagine the outrage. Imagine the rioting in the streets. Imagine the debates over racism, sexism and how black women are being neglected by our society. But because these are white men that are suffering, and because they are "privileged", the issue is swiftly swept under the carpet instead. From there I could go into affirmative action, or meeting ethnic/gender quotas in the school or work place, which would be minority privileges. Privilege in most cases, is about making good decisions. It's about your parents making good decisions for you, and raising you responsibly. And when you're responsible enough, it's about you making smart choices that are going to positively impact your life. What I'm basically saying here is that everyone is born with different privileges. And we can't apologise for something that we were born into. But we certainly can make it our responsibility to succeed in life, rather than wallow in our own self pity because we weren't born privileged enough to do anything with our lives.

3. Black Lives Matter: I too was once under the impression that all cops were racist and wanted to kill black people. I would watch these videos, think how outrageous and unjust these killings were. And then I started reading about the other side of the stories. The side that explained that police were chasing the man because he was threatening people with a gun, or that the cops had pulled this black man over because there was a warrant out for his arrest for armed robbery, or the fact that he did actually have a gun on him, or that he had just murdered two people. Now I'm not saying that all of those videos and shootings are justified. There are certainly cases in which we're seeing blatant police brutality and misconduct. But, I believe that for the most part, the black lives matter movement is misguided and misinformed. The facts that I'm aware of seem to debunk this quite rationally. First of all, Harvard recently did a study that showed black men were actually 20% less likely to be shot than white men. John Jay College of Criminal Justice found from their research that white men were 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of cops. American Free Press' Peter Papaherakles did a report from 6 years of FBI data between 2007 - 2012 that for every black person killed by a white cop, 71 blacks were killed by other blacks. Let that sink in for a little bit. The black lives matter movement shouldn't be about white on black crime, it should be about black on black crime. If police are encouraged by BLM communities to not patrol their neighbourhoods, they will see more loss of life, not less.

4. Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings, Social Justice Warriors and Micro-Agressions: I've lumped all of these ridiculous things into one category because they all fall under the same theme for me. The theme of, "My feelings are hurt, so you shouldn't be allowed to say that!" At one point in time I identified with the left, I thought, "Yeah, freedom, liberty, equality, that all sounds great!" And now all I see when I look at the left is a group of emotional, whiny, intellectual weaklings that pretend to stand for liberty but really are a tyranny of intolerant millennials with deep senses of entitlement that demand special privileges. The left has become everything they once stood against. A party that believes language should be policed. A party that uses name calling and personal attacks on morals to bring their opponents down, rather than rational thinking and logic. The left find it SO hard to listen to other people's view points, that they have to create safe spaces where they can go to avoid hearing anything but their own self-righteous thoughts. The left have become so sensitive that rather than allowing someone with a conservative opinion express themselves, that instead they feel they have the right to barricade doors to lecture rooms to prevent students in participating in hearing speakers like Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Sommers speak. You know what that is when you don't allow people with opposing political or social stances to express themselves? That's fascism friends. That's the opposite of diversity. The left have demanded diversity so much, that they have now forgotten what actual diversity means.

I'm not a bigot. I'm not a misogynist. I'm not racist. And I'm also not saying that you can't have opposing view points to me. If you believe in all of the stuff that I just wrote about, be grateful that you have the right to believe in that. Be grateful that you have the freedom to say those things. That's the beauty of free speech. If you want your own safe space, in your own home, go for it. But if you want to impose restrictions in public spaces, or within the government, or in our laws or our constitution, that impede on my own choice of whether or not I can participate in open and honest debate, or say things that may offend you, because your lack of being able to deal with hearing words that make you feel uncomfortable, then that's on you, not me. Just like I don't want you to tell me who I should worship, you don't have the right to tell me that I'm not allowed to call someone mentally ill because they believe that they are colourgendered (when your gender is associated with one or more colours, and the feelings that are associated with those colours). Oh yes, you read right. Colourgender is an actual thing (I mean there's no scientific evidence to prove that there is such a thing as colourgender but who needs science these days when we have social justice warriors right?) Like are you fucking kidding me? At what point do we draw the line? At what point do we say, "Ok I think we're getting a little carried away here." Because everybody is too afraid to say anything. And it's BULLSHIT. I have even been afraid to say these things. And then I realised that I was turning into one of those people. So I guess this is my coming out.

Now onto more important matters. I joined a gym. I think that's probably the most offensive thing I've said in this entire blog post. I joined a gym with machines (that I don't know how to use), with dudes pumping their guns in front of mirrors and walking around with cut off singlets that show their nipples. On the upside, there's a squat rack, and an open area to do body weight stuff. Basically I just do crossfit workouts, in the middle of the gym. And people stare. This guy came up to me yesterday after I did this back squat, box jump workout, and he was like, "How do you do that?" I showed him how to do box jumps, and then it somehow turned into me teaching him how to squat. In my head I was like, I am not a qualified person to be teaching you this, but whatever. And then he started telling me how we was in a squash tournament and came second, which I found completely irrelevant considering I didn't ask him anything about squash or his placing in said tournament. And then I started thinking, did I just get gym conned by a 40 year old player? Is this guy actually just trying the oldest trick in the book with the gym pick up scenario? I sort of doubted it, because he could not squat, at all.

By the way, my animals have finally become the perfect trio. It's actually disgusting how perfect they are.

How are they even real?

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