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So a few weeks ago I did something really amazing. I got a pentakill in LoL (aka League of Legends). Now I know what you're thinking, what the fuck is a pentakill? And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. While playing a casual game of League of Legends, I managed to kill all 5 players on the enemy team, within 10 seconds of each other. It may or may not have been more exciting than my wedding day. I don't know if you can fully grasp how important this life event was for me. I literally came into the fight, and killed all 5 people, within a very short period of time. If you get a pentakill in LoL, people congratulate you about it. The people you killed, congratulate you about it. Even if they're salty, they can appreciate how hard it is to do. So yeah, I did that. Feel free to shower me in your high praises. I definitely deserve it.

I don't know if I've explained LoL before, so here's a video about it in case you want to learn more. I suggest you don't ever play it though, because the community is cancer and you get trolled 99% of the time.

Dude, how's this Brock Turner guy that just got out of jail. 3 months for sexually assaulting with the intent to rape an unconscious woman by a dumpster. It's disgusting. And meanwhile, there are people in prison for LIFE for non-violent marijuana offences. WHAT IS THIS WORLD. Seriously. At least that guy is hated by like, 99% of the human population. If you type 'Brock' into Google, it suggests Brock Lesnar, and then Brock Turner. He is the second most known Brock in the world right now. People are protesting outside his house, which is hilarious. But I also think, shouldn't people be protesting outside the house of the judge who gave him his sentence? That guy is really an asshole. I'd like to see that guy receive "penetration trauma" while being unconscious, and then hear what he has to say about it. He is a judge. He is supposed to be the purest representation of righteousness, justice and truth. And yet here he is, giving this absolute sack of shit weirdo a 6 month sentence with the opportunity to only have to serve half of that time for "good behaviour". Hey, what about the absolutely fucked up behaviour he did in real life? Maybe we should be concentrating on that, more than trying to get him out of jail as soon as possible. Maybe we should look at the fact that any normal human being, wouldn't do that shit to another person. And that he should be punished accordingly. This is not some grey area case where someone regretted something. She was OUT. Out cold. Basically lifeless. There is no miscommunication there. She's not sending any sexy signals out while she's passed out next to a dumpster. Anyone that sees that as an opportunity to fuck someone, needs serious psychological attention. I just can't believe he only had to serve 3 months. I've taken vacations that were longer than that. It's unreal. Fuck. That. Guy.

I recently re-read a blog post I wrote when I was 19, and about 80% of it is describing how I got drunk the night before. Oh how times have changed. In 5 years I've gone from someone walking around in a neck brace drinking my body weight in ciders, to a crazy dog lady who looks forward to her weekly online Coles deliveries.

About a week ago I was asked by a friend of mine who is Christian, to read the entire bible before I criticize religion. This is an interesting idea, and Wade and I had a discussion at length about whether or not I should actually read the bible. We both had different stances on it, and I'll explore both concepts with you. Firstly, my opinion. I definitely admit that she has a good point. How can I criticize something before I know the WHOLE story? All 1,200 pages of it. I obviously know parts of the bible. I know stories. Good and bad. As most anti-religious people, I know more bad stories than good. And I don't argue that religion doesn't have stories that teach morality and kindness, and acceptance, but I do argue that the bible also preaches a lot of terrible things. I mean, the old testament is horrifying (but luckily they wrote the new testament to show that god wasn't all wrath and terror). So the question then is, should I read the bible in its entirety, before I can grasp a real educated opinion around the religion? Well, I don't think so. I think it'd definitely make my opinion even more valid, because who wouldn't want to say, "Yes I've read the entire bible so I know what I'm talking about!" Just for bragging rights alone and out of spite it'd be great. BUT. And there's a big but here. If I'm supposed to read the bible before I can make an educated stance on Christianity, shouldn't Christians learn at least one other religion before they can make an educated decision on whether or not Christianity is the right religion for them? I mean, Christians read the bible, and then they're Christian (by the way, I'm using Christianity as the example here but this goes for all religions). But if they haven't explored or read any other religions, then how can they be really sure that Christianity is the right and true religion? And could I not argue that they need to read the entire Quran before they make an educated decision on which religion to follow? I'm not even trying to be a smart ass right now either, I legitimately think that you should shop around before you make a life altering decision like following a certain religion. Any other major decision you make in life, you question it endlessly. You do all the research for and against it. You find out what your other options are. You read reviews. You compare prices. Do I want to burn in hell? Do I want to be reincarnated into a caterpillar? Do I want to never eat pork again? And this is where I just can't get around the fact that parents indoctrinate their children into believing something that they just can't understand because they don't even know how to spell the word religion, let alone grasp the concept of it. If you're raising your child to believe in a religion, you are not giving them a fair chance to actually discover religion for themselves. Because by the time they are adults, it's very difficult to then readjust your thinking or have an actual neutral stance on religion. We're not allowed to drink alcohol until we're responsible enough to drink it, and understand the dangers of it. We're not allowed to smoke cigarettes or drive cars or join the army, until we're old enough to understand the consequences, risks and responsibilities associated with these activities. And yet if I were a parent, it would be completely acceptable for me to brainwash my 2 year old into believing, really believing, that if they did something bad, they were sinful. That if they did something bad, they could potentially end up burning for eternity in the fiery pits of hell. And they would believe it wholeheartedly, because they still believe that Santa Claus is real, and that a huge bunny comes to their house and drops off chocolate eggs for them to eat every April. It's madness. It's child abuse. Why can't you just teach your child good morals? And when they're of age, when they can make decisions for themselves, and really decide what they want to believe in, then you can introduce them to the concept of religion. And if you really have faith in your religion and in your god, can't you have faith in the fact that your child will find religion on their own? Do they really need to be guided and proselytized? Won't god show them the way? Do you really have to step in and intervene when they're so naive and vulnerable? It's just disappointing. Not allowing children the freedom to think for themselves, and to have their own discoveries. I think you're doing a disservice to your child's growth and development as a human being if you teach them that there is only one way to go through life. I realise I've completely digressed from my original argument here. So back to my point, if Christians don't have to do any other research than just decide that they're Christian, then I don't think I have to read the bible, to decide that I don't like religion. Wade disagreed, he thought that I should have to read the whole bible if I want to criticize it. I think eventually I'll read the bible, even if it's fucking the worst book ever. Honestly, who wants to read something that was written by 40 different authors, and is 3,400 years old, with sentences like this in it: "He saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away." ... Like that already makes me want to kill myself and it's only two sentences long.

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