whatever I am.

Guess what? I got a terrarium. I know. It's pretty sweet. Rob bought it for me for Christmas! It even has a mini gold cow and goat in it. They're pretty chill. I'd like a mini buddha to accompany them. I just need to find a shop that sells miniature things. I love things in miniature size. It just makes life seem better.

Christmas is over. I love Christmas. But this year I kinda felt like I was resenting it. And I resent the fact that I'm turning into one of those people who resent Christmas. But when you work in the retail industry, Christmas is not a time for you to just chill out and eat a butt load of food. It's the time to get a shit tonne of work to do in a very small period, on top of trying to deal with crazy people, lack of money, and worrying what you're doing with your life.

Okay, maybe not that last part. That's just me. But still. In conclusion, I got a terrarium.

Oh, we moved! It's been glorious. Kinda. The first week was a bit rough because all the things decided to stop working. Like the plumbing. And the washing machine. And our blender. And plus we just dropped fat cash on our new bed (which is like sleeping on unicorn hair mixed with fairy floss and clouds) so we were sort of broke. Anyway, we figured shit out because that's what we do. And we needed to shower and have clean clothes. The blender could wait. My bulletproof coffee isn't so bulletproof anymore. Lack of blender means lack of frothy butter. Lack of frothy butter means it's sort of just like normal coffee. I feel less special and less cognitively functional.

I think I want to open my own business... of some sort. I'm still trying to figure out what said business will be. But whatever it is, it's going to be... successful? I don't know. I don't think I sound very convincing. Or motivated. And I totally am. I just don't really know where to start, what to do, who to work with, how much money I'll need, etc, etc. It all seems a bit much to me. But on the upside, I have a couple of cool ideas that I'd like to share with someone who'd like to invest! *Hint hint. Random billionaire reading my blog right now. Actually, pretty sure that dude doesn't read my blog, nor does he respond to "hint hints" on a blog post written by a 21 year old blog person dealy. Whatever I am.

Or maybe I should invest some time into writing. And actually learning how to write things. Like books. Except I always hated creative writing so I don't think that's my jam. I wouldn't mind writing children's books, but I'm worried that it'd come off way too sarcastic and inappropriate. I have got a character up my sleeve who I think would be pretty cool. Basically it's me. But in animal form. And gets into crazy shit. Or at least more child-friendly crazy shit. It's a work in progress. And by work in progress I mean I've discussed the idea once with Rob. He didn't seem opposed to it. He could even illustrate it! Rob's a great illustrator. He pretends not to be, but then one time I found all of these drawings he'd done back in school and I lost my shit. They were amazing! Anyway. I only just thought of that idea then, and now I'm super excited about it. Plus, me writing a book about myself in a child-like animal form seems so self-serving. But I promise it will be filled with self-deprecating humour and a non-crappy storyline.

I'm thinking that Jordan and I should go into business together too. We get up to fun things and like to document it. Surely that's worth something. No? Oh. Okay then. Well here's a recap of some of the things we do.
that one time, we got really cool christmas
cards from our friend Dusty.
that one time, we selfied in our CEO's bathroom.
that one time, we went to Sydney together,
and work paid for it.
that one time, we got the same fortunes after
eating double dumplings Tuesday.
that one time, we were featured in Runner's World magazine,
when we're not runners.
that one time, we got cray at your birthday and Rob hated it.
that one time, we went on Chatroulette and saw some peens.
that one time, we made hair-beards.
that one time, we were all legs.
that one time, you, me and Andrei found a confined
space and did a pyramid.
that one time, we scored a jar of pickles post-wod and
ate them straight outta the jar with our sweaty fingers.
that one time, I turned you into a grumpy cat meme.
that one time, we were rabbits. 
that one time, we got matching phone cozies.
2014. I'll be seeing you.

P.s. did anyone watch the UFC yesterday? HOLY. BALLS.

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