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I've decided to start trying to write poetry. I don't really know how it's going because I find poetry to be quite an ambiguous art form. First off, I like to write down obscure sentences that have some round about metaphorical meaning to them that really only I understand. Secondly, I'm no Ginsberg. The biggest thing I remember from Howl was the reference about sailors giving blow jobs. I haven't touched on that subject yet, but I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I ordered a butt load of supplements from Onnit the other week. Rob and I got Alpha Brain, New Mood, Shroom Tech Sport, Bulletproof Coffee, MCT Oil, Melatonin... all of the things. I love Alpha Brain. I take it in the mornings and at night. I see a huge difference when I take it at night though. I have crazy ass dreams that are super vivid and I can always remember them the next morning. It's really weird. And if I forget to take a capsule before I go to sleep, my dreams aren't nearly the same. The one thing I haven't experienced in this bout of taking Alpha Brain is that I haven't gotten to the lucid dreaming stage yet. Lucid dreaming is where you know you're in a dream and you can control what happens. That has happened to me before, but I haven't experienced it for a while. Anyway, it's pretty rad when it does happen. I find dreams really interesting. I always like to google dream symbolism. I have this reoccurring dream where I'm half blind. It's like I can't open my eyes properly so everything is blurry, and as hard as I try to open my eyes they won't. It's freaking annoying. Apparently it means that you are refusing to acknowledge something or that your body is trying to wake you up. Maybe I'm refusing to acknowledge the fact that I won't be getting a dog in the near future and to let that dream go for a while. I swear, everyone either has a dog or a baby. And it's like dog people are just rubbing the fact that they have a dog, all up in my face. Plus I'm seeing french bulldogs everywhere. Which confuses the shit out of me because they're in such high demand and are impossible to freaking find. Where are they all coming from? It's like some exclusive club that I'm obviously not invited to. Whatever. I don't want one anyway. Not really. That's a lie. Damn it. Okay, I digress. Back to my supplements. Rob takes New Mood and says it works really well for him, and we've both been taking Shroom Tech Sport. I don't think I've taken it consistently enough to notice a difference yet. I think I feel more energetic before I work out when I take it, but I haven't been training consistently so I can't speak to it very well. Bulletproof coffee is the shit. Hands down makes me super wired and energetic. MCT oil and grass-fed butter thrown into it makes it frothy and delicious. But our blender broke today so now I don't know what to do because if you don't blend it the oil just sits on the top and it tastes kinda funky. The Melatonin chewable tablets are freaking rad. You take one before you go to sleep and they really work. I get super sleepy straight away after I eat one of those bad boys. Apparently you can only take them for 2 months, and then have to go off of it for a week before you go back on it. Not sure if that's concerning or not, but whatever. It works. And tastes like lemons.
supplement city

I don't understand the whole 'baby on board' concept. Rob pointed out the fact that there's really no difference between the value of a baby and a grown adult. Which I think is true, they're both human beings, one isn't of less value than the other, so why do people hang signs in their car saying there's a baby in it? Shouldn't they just have a sign that says 'human on board'? Plus what is their intention behind the sign? Is it to let people know to get out of their way because they can drive like wankers since they've got a baby in the car? Or is it to say 'hey don't crash into me because I've got a baby in here!'. Either way, those are both stupid reasons. The end.

I'm totally loving yoga at the moment. Except I sweat a lot. I read once that fit people sweat more efficiently by sweating sooner into the work out. So I'm gonna say that's me. Still though, I sweat out about 2 litres every yoga class. Then I'll look over to the girl next to me and she's got maybe one drip of sweat on her forehead. It doesn't really make sense to me. I've been learning some pretty cool poses though. I love arm balances, unless when I'm super sweaty, then it becomes more of a challenge to not face plant from slipping. My biggest yoga goal is to be able to sit on the ground with my legs straight out in front of me, and to be able to bend forward and rest my head on my knees. So far, I can barely touch my toes. I always curse my hamstring flexibility. Maybe I should start saying positive things to my hamstrings to make them feel better. Or maybe I should just stretch my hamstrings every day. Yeah. I'll do that.

I watched the Occupy Wall Street documentary called 'The 99%. Occupy Everywhere'. That shit is crazy. When the Occupy movement first happened, the mainstream media had always pushed this idea that they were just a bunch of bums and like, crazy cat ladies protesting. I had no idea how far from the truth that was until I watched this doco. I think the biggest thing that shocked me is that 1 in 6 Americans rely on food stamps and that 1 in 2 Americans are in the lower income bracket. Plus 400 Americans own more than 50% of the net wealth of the US. Um. That's retarded. I'm a US citizen and I do call the country home along with Australia, but that shit is out of control. Something is going to happen over there. People aren't going to keep living like that, there's going to be an uprising. Especially with what's going on with the NSA, Obama being a complete fail of a president and not to mention the fact that there's some serious corruption going on everywhere. Spying on US citizens, drones killing innocent civilians, wanting to go to war with Syria... Or at least Obama wants to go to war with them. To save the children apparently. 98% of drone strike casualties are innocent civilians. What about the children that die when you approve drone attacks? What a disappointment his whole presidency has been. He said he was going to pull troops out of the war and now he wants to start another one! I've lost all faith in the political system over there. The country is so ass backwards. What they need to do is take everybody out of congress, and put in dudes that are in their thirties, that say fuck, and live on a normal salary. Then we'd actually get some shit done. They should make those guys in congress do squats or something. People that work out are happier and nicer. Or get them to do yoga. Maybe I should start a petition. You know what petition I read about a few days ago that over 10,000 people have signed? A petition that lululemon's founder Chip Wilson should apologise to women about not making larger sized yoga pants.


Are you shitting me? Over 10,000 people have signed it too! That's so gross that there are people out there that want to petition over yoga pants. Seriously. Of all the things in the entire world you could sign a petition on. You want to stand up for your rights on STRETCHY PANTS. Ughhh.

I really want a terrarium. They are super expensive though. But they're so damn cool. And it'd look awesome in our new place. Oh, what's that? Yes, our new place... Rob and I will be official residents of Clifton Hill next week. Way fancier than Brunswick. I actually love living in Brunswick, but we'll be way closer to work, and plus the place we're moving to is pretty rad. Let's just say, we'll be able to fit more than a queen size mattress in our bedroom. Booyah. We bought a king size bed the other day. Sweet jesus that was expensive. It kind of killed a bit of my soul how much money that shit costs. I understand because you spend half your life in bed... but still. Rob and I could've gone on a holiday for that money. A European holiday. Yeah.
we're really excited about moving.
I'm contemplating going for a run to the gym. That's a 3.2km run. Almost 3.1km too long I say. Shit I need to run more. Remember when I ran all the time? Yes, I only ran around 5.5km, but still. I ran. I hate running. I liked it for a little bit, and then I stopped doing it and was like 'oh yeah this is way better'. Boob. Either way, I'm going to go sweat in some form.

P.s. Have you seen dirds before? Jordan showed it to me and I'm in love. I want a puguin so bad.
P.p.s Here's a video from the Andrea Ager workshop I did a few weeks back. You can see me in my green pants fail a 1RM clean, then PB a 1RM clean and fail the jerk. And I say 'FUCK' really really loud. I'm such a lady.

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