I accidentally washed a pair of pants that are supposed to be dry clean only. They’re on the drying rack now. I’m playing the waiting game to see if I’ve ruined them. So far they look all right though. I am not a domestic goddess. They totally stopped setting up women to be savvy in the household in like, the eighties. I barely know how to sew and I definitely don’t have home remedies to get out tough stains. Rob is way better at all of those things. Plus he can build houses. My abilities pretty much go as far as baking cookies and being able to clean a toilet. By the way, I did both of those things today. Killin’ it.

I made maple roasted nuts. It’s harder than you think. First off, I read a few recipes that called for whipped egg whites. Apparently they’re meant to make the coating on the nuts crunchier. Operative word there being apparently. They just made my nuts look all foamy and weird. So I chucked them in the frying pan to dry them out. That worked a treat. A tasty maple treat. I love maple syrup. I started cooking my bacon in the pan with maple syrup. Don’t know why I didn’t start doing that like 21 years ago, but better late than never. Anyway, it makes the bacon all caramelised and delicious. I highly recommend it.
maple nuts. aww yeah.
Last weekend I did the Andrea Ager workshop at CrossFit Collingwood. Andrea Ager is one of my CrossFit idols. Anyway, we hung out, became friends. Ya know, no big deal. It was actually fricken rad. The whole weekend was awesome. We did snatch work on the Friday (I had bruised hips for days from humping the bar). Then Saturday was all gymnastics and Sunday was the clean & jerk. I got a PB on my C&J at 60kg. I hate shoulder to overhead movements. I always feel like my shoulder is just gonna bust out and do something not cool. It’s pretty unreliable. And I really haven’t found a solution to getting it fixed. Except for stop doing shoulder-y things. If you didn’t know, that’s kinda hard. I just end up squatting every damn day and then my jeans feel uncomfortable. Or at least more uncomfortable than normal. I guess I’m sort of in a pickle. 
Andrea and me
oh hey, can I just sit on your head?
Speaking of pickles, we got a massive jar of pickles at work that I keep under my desk for pickle related activities. Well, it took 16 people to open it. Chelsea finally was able to pry open the pandora’s box of pickles. I believe it was due to her years of training as a gymnast that gave her the ability to open ridiculously tight pickle jars. I think out of everything, making your child do gymnastics for a few years is the smartest thing you can do in developing a human being. It makes you pretty good at a lot of things for the rest of your life. That’s a great tag line – “it makes you pretty good at a lot of things for the rest of your life”. I should work in advertising. Not really. I think that would hurt my soul a little bit.
pickles are kind of a big deal.

I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated with things at the moment. I think I’m in a funk. And I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to get out of said funk. First of all, I’m in this weird place with training. I’ve just been getting super frustrated with the fact that every time I get back to training properly, something gets hurt. And I’m not the type of person to do retarded weight in a WOD. I know my limits. But for some reason I just feel like my body is constantly battling something. This is concerning considering I’m only 21. I shouldn’t be breaking. Apart from the whole broken neck thing. But seriously, I don’t understand why my body is struggling to cope when I’m training safely and efficiently. Then I go through this whole, “well maybe I should just stop crossfit altogether and do yoga”. This plan obviously isn’t ideal because I love crossfit. But I also want to be able to do crossfit for a very long time, and maybe that means having to focus on mobility and flexibility for a while. Then I can learn sick yoga moves and bust them out at parties. Not really… but seriously. 

And then there’s the whole, “what am I doing with my life” question that forever seems to be echoing in the back of my mind. I feel like I need to develop more skills. Maybe I should start writing more. Or go to writing classes. Also, I want to learn how to make sushi. I know that’s not a skill I’d make into a career, but I just want to learn that shit. We make homemade sushi at home, it’s the bomb diggity. Apart from the fact that my sushi roll ends up looking like a weird seaweed burrito. Maybe I could do a food truck that’s Mexican and Japanese mixed together. Call it ‘taco-yaki’. Get it. 'Cos taco is Mexican, and takoyaki are those dope Japanese octopus balls. Man I love those things. I want to learn how to make that too. Apparently you need some takoyaki kit dealy to make them. I’m down for that. I almost bought a dehydrator today because I wanted to make beef jerky real bad. Anyway, I didn’t because I have no money, or at least no money that I can spend on food dehydrators. Or takoyaki kits. Damn it. I need to earn some extra cash on the side. I’m trying to get an ebay account set up but those folks really don’t want me to be selling anything on their site. They suspended my account, then told me I had to send them proof of identity documents. What the shit. Anyway, I fricken tried to send them the documents and the site won’t let me upload them. THE FUCK. I just want to sell my useless crap online. Life is so hard sometimes…

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