best advice ever.

Donny Hathaway is the feature artist on PBS radio this week. I like that. A lot. I only discovered Donny Hathaway this year, which is 21 years too late quite frankly. I found out that he committed suicide too when he was 34. That sucks.

I drove behind a lady yesterday with the license plate BDKTTY. I read it as bad kitty, which then made me feel confused and angry. The idea that someone would actually consider to make the license plate on their car read bad kitty, makes me kind of throw up a little bit. There are human beings out there that think that's a good idea. And that people will like them for it. And there are probably people out there that do like that lady for it... what is wrong with the world?

Jordan and I went to a digital summit with our pregnant boss Christie. I don't know why I just called her pregnant, but she is. Very pregnant. It's pretty hilarious. And makes me not want to get pregnant. Apart from the tiny shoes. I love baby shoes. In a non-creepy way.

What is a digital summit you may ask? Okay, none of you asked that. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I didn't know either really. I just thought it sounded important and that our digital team should go. Jordan and I got there together, and the people thought we were students. Awkward. Fair enough I guess. We both were wearing yoga pants. The day consisted of people talking about the digital world. My favourite part was when a guy did a presentation that included a picture of grumpy cat as the little mermaid. Grumpy cat hates the little mermaid.

grumpy cat never wants to be part of your world.
I met a chick at the summit that actually met grumpy cat at South by South West this year. And you all know what that means. 2 degrees of separation from mother freaking grumpy cat. Booyah.

My hip flexors are still very tight. I carry my red mobility ball with me now wherever I go. I like to inappropriately mobilize where I can. Sometimes I lie on the ground on top of the ball and sort of dry hump it. It's probably really awkward for the people at work.

I was in Coles the other day buying streaky bacon from the deli section. First of all, I know, they have STREAKY BACON at the supermarket. It's so exciting. I quietly lost my shit as I asked for a kilo of it. I have always thought I should just go into the business endeavour of supplying Australians with maple flavoured bacon. I'm pretty sure it'd be a hit. Anyway, as I was waiting for my bacon, I heard playing over the speakers Jeff Buckley's 'Everybody Here Wants You'. I didn't know what to think about this. Jeff Buckley is in my top 5 favourite artists, and that song is way too awesome/sexy to be playing as part of the supermarket playlist. The supermarket playlist consists of 90's hits that we all somehow know the words to and subconsciously sing along while we're walking down the cereal aisle. I caught myself the other day singing to Maroon 5. MAROON 5 for fuck's sake. Oh god. I'm almost as terrible as BDKTTY.

I saw my Chinese medicine dude today. He told me I need to eat more cheese and carbs, drink more milk and have desserts. Best. Advice. Ever. In all seriousness though my leg is still numb. That's three weeks now. It's a little worrying. Apparently my kidneys are really weak. Chung had to needle my whole right side to unblock the channel. He even stuck a needle in the side of my face. It was weird. And awesome. Anyway, I got back to work and drank some milk. Killing it.

Rob and I worked out together tonight. We both have broken bodies so we did our own little WOD. It was kind of cute. Until my arms started to feel like they were going to fall off. Then it was just painful. Especially because Rob looked unfazed by everything. And I look fazed by all the things. I show signs of panic before I even start working out. If I were to be an animal, I think I'd either be a Meerkat for its sense of panicky alertness, or a baby elephant. Or a baby rhino. Just because I'm a little clumsy and knock things over all the time.

I'm not good at ball sports either...
This is the second time I've ended my post with a picture of a small baby animal. It must be a sign. I want a puppy. 

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