are you feeling hormonal?

Someone once told me that comparison is the thief of joy. I like that quote. I like it because I compare the shit out of everything. It's annoying. I compare my life to those who are doing unbelievable things that I don't even know how to go about doing. I compare my writing to other writers. I compare my instagram photos to other instagrammers. It's just one big ol' comparison fest that is slowly leaving me with nothing but the feeling of disappointment and frustration. I got home tonight after seeing a presentation from a dude who works for charity: water, and I literally sat on the couch and cried for 10 minutes. What. The. Fuck.

Rob was like, 'are you feeling hormonal?' as I sobbed into his now soggy jumper. I had a plate of cheese next to me and my laptop had 'crispy baked chicken wings recipe' up on its google search. Hormonal is a freaking understatement.

I think I'm going through my existential crisis phase again. I need to do another float tank session. And do more yoga. And read more books. And write more often. And talk to more people. And save more money. And learn more things... I need to do all that. Like right now. Oh, and go on holidays. I'm getting antsy. After rereading that last sentence, I read it as nasty. 'I'm getting nasty' totally changes the mood of this blog post immediately. For better or for worse though? You decide.

I think part of the reason why I'm feeling so frustrated is because I haven't been to crossfit for two weeks. That's because two weeks ago I did anti-gravity yoga, with a crazy cat, and ended up compressing some nerves in my hip flexor resulting in me getting a numb thigh. Of course that would happen to me. Anyway, my leg is still slightly numb, my osteo says it'll go away but my hips are really tight and I need to work on rolling them out. On Friday he gave me the all clear to get back to crossfit. Well Sunday I went and played golf, which I haven't done since ever, and I pulled my shoulder out. Yep, that happened. No worries doing a muscle up or freaking handstand push ups, but give me a golf club and I'll just about dislocate my shoulder. Awesome.

creepy cat
So now my bottom half works, but my top half is out of action. I was meant to go into the gym tonight to do the Bring Sally Up squat challenge, which if you haven't seen it check it out here because it looks badass. Well apparently coming home, eating cheese, crying and making chicken wings for dinner was more important. So yeah, I did that instead.

eat all the chicken wings!
I spent about 45 minutes compiling a 'history of rap' playlist on spotify the other day. I'm very proud of this playlist. Maybe not so proud of the amount of time, effort and research that went into it, but it's pretty freaking sweet nonetheless.

Last week we had our work conference, which also comprised of an opening and closing party. Things got weird. The opening party started out pretty tame. Our team dressed up as psychedelic prints to represent how everyone was trippin' balls in alice in wonderland. Oh, the theme was mad hatter's tea party. So yeah. We killed that. And then the closing party. Things got cray. I took my shoes off during the night. I became one of those people. Actually that's not true. Jordan came over to me and took my shoes off for me. She was pretty desperate for someone to dance as vigorously as she was. "The man" was bringing us down. The man is high heeled shoes. I never wear high heeled shoes anymore. Or dresses for that matter. I really need to put more effort into wearing actual clothes more often.
from this...
to this...
to this.
I watched a David Attenborough documentary last night. There were baby elephants and pygmy hogs in it. I want a pygmy everything. Pygmy elephant. Pygmy poodle. Pygmy squirrel. Pygmy owl. I love everything in miniature. Except miniature ponies. They are just straight up mean.

oh and a pygmy goat. I would like that too.

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