not cool.

The other day I woke up to my alarm going off, which I then swiftly turned to 'snooze', which then resulted in Rob jumping on me and yelling "alarm! alarm! alarm!" in my face. Not. Cool.

It's funny how we just become accustomed to things. We have possibly the worst kettle on the history of the planet. It leaks every time we use it. And I mean, every time. I complain about its inability to pour water accurately and leak-free, yet I still use it. What does this say about me? That I'm lazy and can't afford to buy a new fancy kettle that will pour with ease? Perhaps.

I think I set the smoke alarm off in our place, about 6 times per week. This is due to the fact that a) our oven is broken, and b) our smoke alarm is broken. Okay, they're not broken. But they both just suck at doing their jobs. Or one sucks at doing its job, and the other is way too enthusiastic at doing it. Either way, they aren't doing the exact amount that'd be satisfactory to anyone assessing their job doing capabilities. I think our oven needs to be cleaned and that's why it's so smoky. The door doesn't seal properly either. Oven cleaners scare me because they come with warning signs that discourage anything coming into contact with the oven cleaner, other than the oven. I find this daunting, as my oven comes into contact with my food. So should I really be dousing the oven in a chemical that may blind me if I get it in my eye? I think not. The smoke alarm is a jerk. It just goes off whenever it wants, whether there's smoke in the house or not. I am at its will. And I do not enjoy it.

I did three benchmark WODs since I last blogged. Isabel, Amanda and Helen. Isabel is 30 snatches for time. The RXd weight is 40kg, but I scaled it to 35kg. Scaling was a good idea. I scraped the shit out of my shins, which has now resulted in me having faint white scarring on my legs. Awesome. Last week I did Amanda, which is a 9-7-5 of muscle ups and snatches. Instead of muscle ups I did jumping muscle ups (they still suck). Then I did Helen on Friday. Woah nelly. That was horrible. I really thought I was going to vomit. I haven't done a WOD like that for a long time. The workout is three rounds for time of a 400m run, 21 kettle bell swings at 16kg and 12 pull ups. The run on the third round was awful. Just awful. I love the thoughts that go through your head when you're doing something really terrible like that. I was thinking to myself, "I hope I accidentally trip over so I don't have to finish this workout".

What is wrong with me? Anywho. I didn't trip. And I didn't vomit. So I guess I came out of it pretty good. Also, I got a 52.5kg snatch the other week. I'm 10 kilos off of body weight, so that's exciting. I analyzed my lift on Coach's Eye. Sweet zombie jesus I love that app.

as you can see, I'm very
technical when I use this.
Oh here's some news - I got a muscle up on Tuesday! My first ever ring muscle up. It was glorious. I was about to leave the gym with Rob, but decided to do one muscle up attempt for funsies. Sometimes if I obsess over something enough in my mind, it makes the physical act way easier. I managed to get up in one go, with hardly even a struggle to get out of the dip. It was awesome. I love those moments in crossfit. It makes all the pain and feelings of vomiting and wanting to cry and the constant scarring and bruising totally worth it.

Rob and I watched a movie the other night called 42. It's about the first black baseball player in Major League Baseball. It had all the things I like in a movie. Sports, overcoming adversity and 'based on a true story'. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Last week I was haunted by constant peanut butter cravings. It was horrible. I just wanted all the things covered in PB. Rob and I even made a trip to the supermarket solely for peanut butter, milo and wine. Rob had the milo, I had the wine and peanut butter. It was awesome.

I've been listening to Kelly Starrett on the Joe Rogan podcast (yes I know I'm behind on the podcasts... don't judge me), and it's so interesting. Kelly loves to talk about torque. So much so that I find myself creating torque on the steering wheel when I'm listening to him talk. Anyway, in conclusion, torque the shit out of everything.

I don't know the names of the people that live next door. But they know my name. And it's way too late to ask them what their names are again, so I'm considering trying to read their mail. I mean, not read the actual mail, but read the envelope. Is that creepy? Probably.

I found out that there are people out there that manage memes. A meme manager if you will. This intrigues me.
oh grumpy cat.

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