good decision.

On the scale of pick up lines, "do you smoke the crack pipe?", has to be the best one I've heard yet. Genius. I don't usually hang out with crack addicts by the way. It was one of those, same time, same place kind of situations. At that point, I decided I did not want to be at that particular location any longer. It was a good decision. That basically sums up last weekend for me. Okay, not really. Apart from my encounter with Romeo, the rest of the weekend involved some much needed girl time. We had a little weekend getaway, we went to wineries and breweries, ate out, danced the night away... you know, the stereotypical girl stuff. Safe to say I was retardedly hungover on the Sunday. Like seriously the worst. Ever. One of those times where all you want to do is curl up in the bottom of the shower for 6 hours and just lie there in your own self pity. Ah memories.

the classy part of the weekend.
Linds and me... slowly losing our class.
Gibbs and me.
Tina and Ivette drinking some inappropriately named cocktail...
 I probably should rewind back to my birthday. I know it's been that long since I last blogged. Who do I think I am? Anyway. My birthday weekend was pretty bad ass. We went camping in the Otways. I haven't been camping for ages. All I remembered were the awesome things about camping, but forgot about all the other shit you have to do. Like taking the tent apart and cleaning it. That sucks. But apart from that, we had a good time. We even swam in this waterfall that was like something out of Avatar. I kind of lost my shit. Mostly because it was freaking freezing. But also because it was so unreal. I've swam in waterfalls before, but this was by far the coolest one. And it was raining. You'd think that'd be romantic. But it wasn't. First of all Rob wasn't there because he decided to head back to the campsite after about 5 minutes of trekking to the waterfall when it had started raining. About half the group went back, which ended up being a great decision because while we were frolicking in the waterhole the guys were shovelling water out of our tent because it had flooded. Oops. Then Rob got eaten by a leech. There was blood everywhere. That is quite traumatising. A lot of the night is a blur. I mostly blame Lindsay for that.

great fire maintaining skills.
me and swiss ball.

My parents got me a puppy birthday cake. It was pretty bad ass.

I ate its face.
Oh sweet jelly bean I forgot to talk about my birthday dinner. My parents took Rob and me out to Vue De Monde. Woah. That place is out of control. It's on the top of the Rialto Tower. It's the best restaurant I've ever been to. Hands down. We had a degustation, I think we ended up eating about 12 different meals. Insanity. At one point, they brought out this glass cart full of cheese. And the french waiter literally just gave us a cutting board full of european cheeses for us to eat. I went into a sort of nirvana-like state when they brought out the chocolate souffle. Rob was laughing at me because I was shaking out of excitement. It was the best thing ever. In conclusion, I looked pregnant by the end of the whole ordeal. True story.

At the restaurant. I want to live there.
And then I had another birthday event. I know that seems kind of indulgent. But the camping trip was both for my and Swissy's birthday so I think it's justified. Plus I wanted an excuse to eat more ridiculously good food with lots of friends. That's a legit reason! About 20 of us went out for lunch at Hellenic Republic on Lygon St. That place is freaking delicious. I used to have this thing about not liking Greek food. I think it was the combination of being in Athens when there was a heatwave, getting perved on by seedy Greek men and resorting to eating a gyros everyday because no one spoke English, that lead to my distaste for Greek food. Well that's all changed since I discovered this place. Jordan took me here a while back for their $12 takeaway lunch (best deal in history). From then on I was hooked. Basically it's a set menu where they bring out a butt load of awesome food and you eat until you reach food coma level. I love reaching that level. I probably reach that level too often in life. Wait, what am I saying? You can never reach that too often.

ballin' bill.

I like my friends.
I hung out with this 87 year old yoga instructor the other day. Check it. She's awesome. And she's about a bajillion times more flexible than I am. She's been doing yoga since the 1940's. I wonder when I'm 87 if I'll be doing CrossFit? It'll be 2079 when I'm 87. Holy shit. Imagine what crazy stuff will be happening then. The world will probably have exploded or something. Not really. But seriously. I better be able to do a muscle up by 2079. Or I'm gonna be pissed.

Rob's making toast with butter and honey. I'm kind of jealous. And by jealous I mean I want to smoosh that toast in and around my face hole.

I had a dream that I met Joe Rogan and then I practiced my snatch. Best. Dream. Ever. And I wasn't even on Alpha Brain. My brain naturally concocted that dream all by itself. Thanks brain. I'm so proud of you.

I made paleo scones the other day. They were awesome. I had them warm with butter and raspberry jam (also paleo). Whipped cream would've been the bomb diggity as well. Alas, I had none in the fridge. I also tried to make paleo bread. That was probably the biggest fail ever. I forgot to put water in the mix. One of the most crucial ingredients. Nice. It turned out like the quarter of the size it was supposed to. Profanities were a plenty.

OH and I ended up making my own paleo birthday cake and brought it to work. Is that depressing? It kind of is, isn't it?

I think I'm going to go get the $12 lunch special now. It seems like a good idea.

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