sweaty antics.


So I did the CrossFit Games workout... twice. I did it first on Saturday, and then tried again this morning. Yeah, it was just as bad. It's a 17 minute AMRAP of 40 burpees, 30 snatches (20kg for girls), 30 burpees, 30 snatches (34kg), 20 burpees, 30 snatches (45kg), 10 burpees and then max snatch at something ridiculously heavy. Anyway, obviously I didn't get to that. I did manage to make a total of 120 reps though, which was awesome because the first time I tried it I got 113. I was pretty happy with the outcome, I really wanted 125 but we just don't always get what we want when burpees and snatches and sweating and hurting is involved. That puts me in 23,800th place in the world for women, and 1,542nd in Australia for women. Oh yeah, you know it. I hope I get a ribbon or something. Remember in primary school how you'd just get a ribbon for "participation". And they were some awkward colour like pink or green. And it literally just said "participation" on it. I don't think they even had exclamation marks at the end. I had a lot of those ribbons. Fuck my life. 

Just kidding. I'm fine with not winning things. And I love unnecessary celebratory ribbons.

getting my snatch on... wait, what?
I did a work out on Thursday that involved pull ups. I was pretty excited about it. And then I hit my chin on the bar. And I teared up. In my defence, it was at the end of the work out and so emotions were running high as they do when your body is dying and you're exhausted. Also I had to do 40 pound dead ball slams. Dead ball slams are my enemy. Pull ups used to be, and now that I've made them my bitch (kind of, apart from the chin incident), it's now dead ball slams. Basically you pick up a heavy ball from the ground, take it overhead, then throw it on the ground and repeat. It sucks a fat one. Big time. It sounds so simple, but do not underestimate this deceiving movement. It's like a burpee. Easy to do, but makes you want to kill everyone because it is so stupid and annoying. Or is that just me? Anyway, after I hit my chin I was kind of shocked because I obviously wasn't expecting to whack myself on the bar. Brownie points for me at least for getting chin over bar. See, always find the bright side of the dumb things that happen to you in life. Always. Apart from dead balls slams. There is no bright side. 

Rob, Jonathon, Lindsay and I went out with my parents on Saturday night. Goodness gracious I got drunk. I think everyone got pretty hammered. What is it about parents, or my parents in particular, that influence high levels of alcohol consumption? I swear, they are the worst when it comes to that. We ate at Josie Bones again, it was ridiculously tasty. And then afterwards we just decided to crash at Linds and Jon's, and so Rob and I had to strategically sleep on their L-shaped couch, which you think wouldn't be that hard... but in fact, it was. Rob took up the long part of the couch, so I had to sleep on the short section which only fit about half of my body. Awkies. I had to rest my legs on the coffee table to sleep. I know, I'm pretty innovative. Not really. Luckily I can sleep in pretty much any position. I actually fell asleep at work yesterday on my break from just sitting in the office chair. It was glorious. Mouth open, head back... classy. I do that a lot. Sleep with my mouth open. It's so comfortable, I don't know why it's frowned upon in today's society. I'll still breathe through my nose, but it just feels better sometimes to let your mouth hang graciously open as you get some shut eye. I don't think "mouth hang" and "graciously" can actually be written in the same sentence. I'm sorry. Who are we kidding? It is hilarious when you find someone sleeping with their mouth open. And if you have grapes, their mouth automatically becomes a target. It's just the way it is. Also, hilarious photos will be taken of you. Rob owns one of those photos... of me. Open mouth, sleeping in the car. It's a favourite of his. I would say that it is not a favourite of mine. God damn my laptop is warm. And my living room is hot. I'm so over this endless Melbourne summer. I love the sun, but it's kind of getting ridiculous now. I'm sick of sweating all the time. And then sweating excessively at the gym. We have these disinfectant wipes that we use to clean down the bars and the floor if we've sweated on them at the gym (today I bled on the bar so I had to give that a good wipe down). But anyway, as I would lean over to wipe up my sweat, I would then proceed to drip more sweat on the ground, which I would have to wipe up, as more sweat would start to drop on the ground again. Seriously. Not cool body. Your sweaty antics were not appreciated after doing 70 burpees and 50 snatches.

kangaroo with fried bone marrow... guhh!
A lady at work the other day asked me, "so is Bonnie your real name?"


What did she expect it to be? Boneequa? Or Bontisha? God people annoy me sometimes.

I have to ride my bike to my new job tomorrow. First time riding my new bike. On the first day of my new job. Hopefully it won't be my first time getting hit by a car as well. Because I do not trust drivers. Or cyclists. Or people. Well, I do trust a handful of people. I was thinking about buying a hard backpack so if I do fall off my bike (which the odds are pretty likely considering everyone I know who rides their bike to work or around Melbourne has been hit by a car or fallen off) my laptop won't break and die. Maybe I should just buy some sort of turtle shell for myself before thinking about my laptop. Or just not fall off my bike or get hit by a car. That works too.

We ate at this bad ass Mexican joint for lunch the other day. Woah nelly. Get excited. Put on your sombrero. Cue the old el paso theme song. This is proper street food style. Minus the Mexican prices. But it is Melbourne, and so I'm used to the fact that I have to pay 4 times as much for anything ever. Stupid Melbourne. And it's high prices. Luckily it's ranked number one for the world's most liveable city. Or else I would totally... do nothing about it. Because I'm lazy and moving overseas is a pretty big deal. Anyway, it's called La Tortilleria and it's in Kensington. If you just thought, where the dickens is Kensington, lemme tell you. It's about 10 minutes west of the city. And this place is legit so it's worth it. The menu is classic and authentic. I had tacos carne asada (beef) and al pastor (pork). I also tried the corn chips which are home made and crazy good. The pork tacos were seriously out of control. I probably could've eaten about 10 of them, but they were cash only so I had to ration it. First world problems. I'm excited because I have a butt load of pork belly in my fridge that I'm going to roast and then turn into pulled pork and make Mexican related meals. And maybe try and get Jonathon to cook something southern for me since he's kind of a red neck. And by kind of I mean he is.

La Tortilleria
tacos carne asada
tacos al pastor
I just started snacking on pistachios and my productivity has gone way down. They're so fiddly. And delicious. I love them. 

I want to make brownies. Or cookies. Or both. And the brownies can have crushed pistachios on them. And the cookies will be chocolate chip. And get me one step closer to that elusive perfect cookie recipe... Maybe there is no perfect cookie recipe?

Fuck that shit there totally is. 

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  1. Ahem, might just make a clarification point which I am sure the others at the table won't mind confirming. I have it from a reliable source that your father was driving and blew 0.00, thus was not hammered. Hmm, I am told your mother was drinking light beer as well, which leads to the point that your parents were not hammered that evening. That is not to say there wasn't a desire, just not an opportunity :)


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