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Woah nelly. When was the last time I blogged? It was definitely before Christmas. Oops. In my defence I was on holiday. And was kinda in a food coma. And by kinda I mean literally. So much food. I made paleo pecan pie. Holy balls it was good. It actually didn't even taste like a paleo dessert, it basically tasted like unicorns were dancing on my taste buds and then I pooped out rainbows afterwards.

You love it when I talk about poop. Admit it.

Paleo Pecan Pie. Get in me.
Anyway. Poop is such a good ice breaker. I know I'm going to get along with someone when we can talk about poop openly. Does that make me weird? Probably. What else is news? I went to Tasmania! It's little. But so beautiful, it makes me a bit jealous of all the awesome activities they can do down there. So much room for activities. I didn't do much on the adventure side of things though, mostly just drank alcohol and spent a lot of time sitting in a bean bag or eating delicious meats (one of Rob's friends cures all his own meat). The Taste festival was on in Hobart, it's a big food and wine festival that goes on for a week right by the water's edge in Salamanca Place. I had some crazy good Tasmanian cider. It was called Inn Cider... Get it? There's a little sexual innuendo to get your evening going just right. I did giggle when I read it. But the boys assured me it hasn't been funny for about 10 years since the joke first started. Whatever. I'm not Tasmanian so I'm allowed to laugh. Especially when I found the other cider called Dicken's Cider. WHAT? Who comes up with this stuff? Whoever they are, they're awesome. Both ciders were delicious, and were at a surprisingly high alcohol content of 8%. Not so great to start drinking when you haven't had alcohol for a month. Oh well. I balanced it out with Cajun calamari, tempura mushrooms and deep fried potato. Chili and I pretty much went on a deep fried rampage. My body loved me for that. Sorry body. I do love you. And I am back on the bandwagon for normal eating again, my seasonal binge is over (thank god). New Year's was actually amazing this year. Normally I find that any NYE celebrations are overrated and end up badly. But this one was pretty freaking ridonky. We stayed at Nikki's (Chili's fiance) Mum's holiday home in Garden Island Creek. The house is on the water pretty much. And there's a huge deck looking over the beach. Plus a massive outdoor fireplace. AND a spa. I died. Not really. But I did thoroughly enjoy the prime location and awesome set up. That's Tassie for you I guess. So if you haven't gathered already, I really liked my trip to Tasmania.

Catching up with Sam and Brent.
New Year's Eve.
Rob looking all regal.
Bean bag goodness.
On a side note, my flight to Hobart was super awkward. I don't know why people think it's okay to put their butt in your face, but it's not. If people are seated on a plane, I make it my duty to not put my ass all up in everyone's grill. This whole family had it out for me I swear. There were booties everywhere. More specifically, in my face. Like at one point, I actually had to tilt my body away from this women's butt to avoid a collision. Butt to face contact with a stranger. That's never okay.

I hate wasting my life in traffic. I always feel like I could be doing something better. I was on Punt Rd. Every time I'm on that mother effer I just think "what fresh hell is this?". Traffic was so bad on it, one guy sneezed in his car, and another dude in another car told him bless you.


It was actually hilarious at the time. For about a second. And then I remembered I was stuck on Punt Rd and got all Hulk-like again. It is pretty much the busiest road in Melbourne and it's one lane each way. Whoever designed that road is an evil mastermind. And I bet they never have to drive on Punt Road. They probably live in Tasmania enjoying space and freedom.

Rob and I are living in our new place. It's the best thing ever. We moved in last weekend. I love it. I have a big kitchen that's all mine. Cooking has become fun again! I made chicken curry for Jonathon and Lindsay, we had them over to officially christen our new place on Sunday night. It was delicious. It's a Burmese family recipe. The whole time I was cooking it I kept thinking of my Dad and what he'd be saying I needed to add to it. Probably more fish sauce. He loves the fish sauce. Anyway, I kind of went on curry overload and made a variation of the kind for breakfast and then lunch as well. I added almond butter to one dish. Sweet zombie jesus it was good. Almond butter in curry. It's a revelation. I also tried out this recipe I found online (I tweaked it a little) for a warm kale salad with roasted sweet potato. WOAH. Mind blowing. Kale is a superfood. Sweet potato is awesome. Plus it had an apple cider vinegar, mustard and maple syrup dressing. If you're not totally drooling right now over that then you need to start now! I ate it again for lunch today. I devoured that bad boy in about 2 minutes flat. Freaking tasty. Also, my new place is a few blocks down the road from the Brunswick Wholefoods store. When I found that out, I peed a little I was that excited.
Just kidding. I did however immediately drive down there to check it out and buy loving earth chocolate, a kilo of coconut flour and raw milk. Apparently it's strictly for bathing in only... Classic loop holes. Who would police that anyway? Like, what are the fines that apply for drinking bath milk? Curious. And slightly stupid. The whole idea that we have to pay more for something that hasn't been processed and is also better for you is very strange. Ah the backwardness of society. I'll stop now before I go into some rant that involves the corruption of the government and Monsanto.

Action shot. Curry isn't very photogenic.
Apparently neither are my friends. Kidding!
Kale and Sweet potato salad. I love you.
I think I'm going to make some coconut cream pudding with banana and strawberries. Right now. It's happening. After I finish this post of course. Rob's watching a western movie with Clint Eastwood as I type this. The music is bangin'. And how cool is Clint Eastwood may I add? He rocks the poncho like no other. I think men should wear ponchos more often. I have plenty to share around. Poncho love for all!

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