face palm.

You know when you have a weird feeling about something and then it's true? I had a weird feeling I'd have a parking ticket at my house. And I did. We used to not have to worry about parking, but then the stupid ass residents on my street decided it'd be a sweet idea to petition for permit parking for some dumb reason and now it's only 2 hour parking between 7am to 7pm. So I have to pay $70 for parking on my street. Then I moved my car and as I sat down my phone fell out of my pocket, got slightly jammed between my car door at the exact moment I was closing it, and I smashed the corner of the screen. Excellent.

Anyway. After face palming myself I decided to eat a delicious paleo muffin that I made yesterday and curl up on my bed to enjoy its fricken amazingness. Oh intermittent fasting went down a treat by the way. Kind of. On the up side I didn't feel hungry in the mornings, I had plenty of energy and was training like a demon. But then the last two days I started feeling light headed, dizzy and nauseous so I thought that perhaps I wasn't eating enough sugary foods like fruit. One night after a work out at CrossFit Collingwood I ate a butt load of eggs and raw veggies AND had my BCAA (branched chain amino acids), which by the way tastes like complete ass, and I was still starving by 8pm. So fuelling my body after work outs was a bit of a hit and miss for me. But I also lost 2 kilos. Boom. Anyway, after feeling super light headed Saturday I decided to go back to "normal" eating. I think I'll try doing it sort of 5 days on, 5 days off, or something like that. I actually really enjoyed it, but I just need to tweak it a bit so I'm not depriving myself of certain things that my body obviously needs. Like bananas. And apples. Mmmm. Saturday morning Rob and I went out for breakfast, which kind of sucked because I couldn't eat. So I just got coffee, and what did Rob order you ask? Mother freaking gingerbread waffles with walnuts, maple syrup and ice cream. All I wanted in life at that moment was waffle in and around my mouth. Thanks Rob for making seem like a crazy person.

Rob enjoying his waffles while I enjoyed nothing.
Gibbs, Linds and I did this crazy ass WOD today at CrossFit 224. Holy shit balls it was disgusting. It was 10 rounds for time of 100m medicine ball walk/run, 50 double unders and 60 mountain climbers (so 30 each leg). When I read it at first I was like "oh yeah, that's not too bad". And then I had to do a double take and thought "wait, how many rounds was it??? NOOOOOO!". 500 HUNDRED DOUBLE UNDERS. That is ridonky. Oh and of course, I haven't done double unders for a bajillion years so they suck. Big time. Anyway, Linds smashed it out in 27 minutes the powerful human being. Gibbs and I finished on 8 rounds because we are awesome, and I concluded at a glacial pace of 49 minutes and 20 seconds. WOAH. I can't even remember the last time I did an endurance WOD like that. Man double unders take it out on me. Mostly mentally. I was swearing a lot. And inadvertently whipping myself. Everywhere. I came out with slash marks all over my arms and legs. There were some on my butt too. Delicious. In conclusion, I bought a new speed rope and will be practising every time I go into the gym. That and pull ups. I almost got my kipping ones back today by the way. I was just practising the momentum of kipping on the bar, and then for fun I tried to actually get chin over bar and almost made it. Woohoo for almosts!

Post-WOD delirium.
I played cardio tennis on Thursday. Yeah okay, it sounds lame. But it's super fun. Basically you just run around the whole time and play tennis related games. Oh and they play terrible pop music which makes it so much better. Plus it's nice because you're outside in the sun getting all your vitamin D. That was on the day it was ridiculously hot. That 38 degree day or whatever it was. That night we did a 15-10-5 AMRAP for 15 minutes at CF Collingwood of sit ups, squats and burpees. So joyous. I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life. There was literally a pool of sweat under my face on the floor from doing burpees. Then we stretched afterwards and I was basically lying in it. Thank god those floors were brand spanking new. And then I christened it with my perspiration. Ah the circle of life.

My ridiculously big tub of BCAA...
(I just threw up a little bit in my mouth)
CF Collingwood.
So because the kitchen at my share house is a disaster zone that I use at the bare minimum, yesterday I took advantage of my parents' kitchen and cooked up a few goodies. First off I made breakfast egg muffins. Pretty much just chose a bunch of vegetables that I  liked (celery, sweet potato, red onion, spinach), cooked the ones that needed to be cooked, whisked together 12 eggs, added it all together (plus some chopped up ham), and then poured it into a muffin tin and baked it for 15 minutes. Pretty much the easiest thing ever. So now I have 18 breakfast egg muffins that I can eat whenever. I had three today. They are delightful. Then I made morning glory muffins (there's kind of a muffin theme) which are an almond meal based recipe that includes grated carrot, apple, sultanas (make sure you find 100% sultanas with no added oil or sugar), some cinnamon, nutmeg, egg and a teeny bit of honey. Guhhhhhh. So amazing. I find that out of my paleo comfort foods book. They're in my room right now and smell like rainbows. And sort of christmassy. Anyway, after that I made a sweet potato and coconut casserole with pecans. That's pretty much sweet potato blended together with coconut milk and some spices, then baked for 20 minutes. It's an easy go to snack, especially post work out. For a snack that day Mum and I made this watermelon and cucumber salad with a lime and mint dressing. Seriously, 4 ingredients people. And it tasted insanely good. Pretty much out of control how good that combo is. Then I had the brilliant idea that it'd make a tasty summer cocktail, like a mojito but with watermelon instead. But as we all know I'm not drinking alcohol right now so that'll have to happen when I eventually get back on that band wagon.

breakfast egg muffins.
watermelon and cucumber salad.
sweet potato and coconut casserole.
So tomorrow I'm going to see this awesome Chinese medicine practitioner. Gonna get all accupunctured up. It's gonna be awesome. Then I'm finally going to experience a float tank. I'm so freaking pumped. If you don't know what a float tank is, it's when you float in a tank of water (woah really?) that is about 30cm deep, heated to body temperature, filled with Epsom salts so you float. Your ears are submerged under the water, there's no light, and it's complete sensory deprivation. Apparently your brain just goes ape shit because it feels like everything else is cut off. I hope I hallucinate or have some awesome epiphany. Awkward if nothing happens. Probably should expect the best and prepare for the worst... I'm totally not prepared.

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