totally succeeding in life.

So I did my archenemy WOD on Friday at Charge CrossFit. Boy oh boy was that fun. The strength part was all good. It was a 5 x 5 bench press, which I upped by 2.5kg from last week and did it more easily than when it was lighter the week before (go figure). So I was happy about that. But then came the hard part. The conditioning WOD. Blerghhh. Firstly, it was called "Deathcon". Anytime I see the word "death" involved in a WOD I'm pretty sure it's going to be awful. Then it read "death by farmers pull ups". Yayyyyyy.

It worked like this:
On the first minute complete 1 pull up and 1 x 21 metre farmer's walk
the second minute complete 2 pull ups and 1 x 21 metre farmer's walk
the third minute complete 3 pull ups... etc.

This my friends was all about grip strength, which we all know that I am super awesome at. Farmer's walk by the way is where you carry weights (like kettle bells) in your hands down by your side, and then walk a certain distance. It's great to develop grip strength and can also be very sucky. I used 16kg kettle bells and did pull ups on an orange band. Ah the faithful resistance band. One day I'll wean myself off of your reliability and comfort. Anyway, I managed to complete 9 rounds, and then on the 10th round I missed out by one pull up. My hands got all calloused. Booyah. That makes me excited because I feel like I'm getting back to normal with my crossfitting. Linds got 15 bloody rounds (she didn't scale it either). 15 rounds was the record at the gym. Pretty sure she isn't even human. Just some super athlete alien dressed up as a sexy lady... definitely. I actually didn't feel too bad grip wise on the pull up bar. It was a good work out to push me not only physically but mentally too. Just gotta keep practising. After that work out, the next two days were hell. I have never experienced lat pain like I did after that. My lats were so sore that I couldn't extend my arms over head. They felt swollen. I got into my car and when I sat in the driver's seat I could feel my lats as if they couldn't fit into the seat properly. I mean, obviously they hadn't grown but they were just so sensitive. It was terrible. Especially once Rob became aware of my pain. Not cool.

My friend Gibbs had a party Saturday night. Alcohol was a bad idea. Rob and I headed over to Lindsay and Jonathon's place to cook up some coconut prawns and Thai fish cakes. Both were delicious. Then we moseyed on over to the party and it was just down hill from there. I was fine drinking cider, until I ran out and decided drinking vodka was a good idea. No Bonnie. That was a terrible idea. You know how you always think horrible choices are the finest to make at the time when you're drunk. I hate that. And I do it all the time. Not saying I'm drunk all the time by the way. Just that when I am drunk, I'm a dumby. Well long story short, I threw up on my shoes. Now before judgement gets passed around on my inability to not vomit in or on my possessions (such as backpacks and shoes), let's just remember that you should be nice to me. Also, I hadn't had a large quantity of alcohol since that night in Vancouver back in AUGUST. Three months people. C'mon, cut me some slack. I'm totally succeeding in life right now.

busy eating coconut prawns. 
Jonathon's Thai fish cakes. NOM NOM NOM.
drunkin' grins.
Good times. Not really. I was ridiculously hungover on Sunday. I think Cosmo my dog could even sense my pain. He came into my room and slept on top of me for a while. Probably trying to send his good poodle vibes to me. Dogs are awesome. On a side note, I was on StumbleUpon looking at pictures of dogs yesterday and it almost made me cry. What the fuck body. Why are you so crazy and making me feel all emotional about puppies cuddling babies? WHY? Anyway, I managed to make Rob breakfast without dying so that was a plus. I pumped out some Beck and Girl Talk to try and get my mind to function better. I read somewhere that if you're hungover you should listen to music with good beats or something to stimulate your mind. I don't think it helped much. I did manage to dance in the kitchen though. That's when Rob conveniently left to go to work. Whatever, I know he secretly wanted to dance to Devil's Haircut at 9am. Who doesn't want to dance to that song? Silly people that's who. Well after that I decided I needed pho, so Dad and I headed out to Springvale aka Asia to get a big ol' bowl of beefy goodness. Holy mother that soup is good. I want to be able to make that broth. It's pretty much medicinal for me. I brought Rob a bowl of it home too. Then I totally regretted not getting myself another bowl for me to have later. Oh by the way, I decided I'm not drinking anymore for a while. I told Lindsay that and she said "yeah... until next weekend!". I guess it's such a hackneyed term no one ever really believes you when you say it. I believe me though. I think. No seriously, no more alcohol. And it's great timing because I got my sweet coffee bean grinder which means one thing - intermittent fasting. I'm excited slash nervous. Excited because I want to try this coffee real bad and to also see how my body reacts to the nutritional plan. Nervous because I like food. A lot. Almost at an ungodly level. So we'll see.
the powerful bulletproof coffee.
my sardine salad for lunch... super food goodness.
I did a WOD at CrossFit 224 in the city yesterday. Woah Nelly I'm sore. I've never been to this gym before, it's pretty cool though. It's underground and where the old ANZ bank vaults used to be. So the doors are literally vault doors. One of the walls is something like a metre thick. Hardcore. The workout was broken down to strength and conditioning. Strength was 3 power cleans on the minute for 10 minutes, adding as much weight as possible. I love power cleans. It used to be one of my most hated lifts. Now I'm happy to see them on the white board at the gym. I wish I was like that with all the other movements I dislike at CF. I got up to 35kg, which is a bit light to what I used to lift but I hadn't done a power clean since July. My technique held up well though. I tried to go for 37.5 and managed to get out one rep on my last round. I failed at the other two. I was thinking too much. When I think too much it feels like I'm lifting at a glacial pace and that it just got ten times heavier. Funny how the mind works like that. The conditioning WOD was "Tabata Something Else". Tabata is interval training of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of a body weight movement. We had to do 8 intervals of each of the following movements: Pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats. You count all of your reps and add them up for a total score at the end. It actually wasn't that bad, I managed 221. My abs hurt.

Oh I got a job with lululemon again. Yippee. Everything's coming up Milhouse! I mean Bonnie...

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