so unlady like.

Rob left last week. It's weird not having him around. It's freed me up to do things like underwear shopping... Living the dream.

I need more hobbies. Eating food, wearing underwear and swearing aren't enough.

Angry. I am angry. Or as some like to say "angy pangy". And by some I mean only three other people I know. But anyway. I've been having phone issues. I get so emotional about it. It's ridiculous. Firstly, I smashed my screen yesterday. I wasn't even annoyed about that because I knew it was an easy fix. But I took it to get repaired just at some iPhone repair shop, and then shit hit the fan. They fixed the screen, but then my phone wouldn't connect to a network and wasn't reading my sim card. Then I finally got it working, but realised all of my photos were gone. FUCKKKKKKKKK. My phone is more of a camera to me than a communication device. And since I've been away I've taken over 1000 photos. So of course my reaction was "holy mother of God where are my photos???". Anyway, I think the guys that fixed my screen messed up big time, they must've restarted something or taken something out then put it back in and made my phone lose it's shit. Which has now made me lose my shit in return. Shit is being lost here people. But there is an upside to this story, almost all of my photos are recovered in an external magical place called google+. I only started using that app because of my blog. So really, because of my blog, I have saved thousands of photos from being lost. BOOYAH. I'm not so angry anymore, I think iCloud should back them up too but I've kind of lost faith in apple related things. Apple has been granted a patent that allows a third-party kill switch on iPhones disabling their cameras and video recorders so that the government has control over what people can and can't film/take photos of. Nice one Apple you fucks. Way to impede on freedom of speech. Rant over.

Kind of.

This is about swearing. So my Mum arrived in San Diego last week, and she's quite a fan of my blog. She promotes it anyway she can (I can't remember if I told you about her telling Anthony Bourdain to read my blog... well she did). That makes me laugh. Oh Mum. Why you so cute? Anyway, she was talking to her sister and telling her she should read my blog. But then she said "it's really good, but sometimes she uses the F word...". And then my aunty went on about how it's unlady like and that I'm dumbing myself down by saying those words, rah rah rah. Okay, so maybe I'm not super lady like. I can deal with that. I could be a real lady if I wanted. Whatever that is. Sounds boring to me. But dumbing myself down? I think I can easily justify my use of the word fuck and shit. I could even do it through various arguments supported by scholarly evidence using harvard referencing if I wanted to. Yes, I did learn how to harvard reference during my short time at university. I also learnt how to build a scale model of a store front out of paper, foam and hot glue. Money well spent. But seriously, there is no proper substitute for a word like fuck. I know sometimes I say frick, or fricken, or freaking. Mum suggested "fracking", and then we decided a word used to describe the method of extracting natural gases and oil out of the ground wouldn't really make a lot of sense. And then there's the so called issue of swearing on the internet. Pffft it's not like we're not being monitored in every way possible already. If someone googled my name, this is what the search results produce - my twitter account, my VCE results from high school, my facebook, my workplace and then a whole bunch of German shit. Oh excuse me, I mean German things :-/ You see what I mean though, there's just no substitute. So if anyone wanted to find out information about me, they wouldn't have to read my blog to get an idea of the type of person I am. They'd probably be really confused anyway. At least by the German links. I like swearing too. Also, if you're in pain, swearing can release pain-killing endorphins. Oh yes, I did just drop a knowledge bomb on you. If I wanted to get technical about it, I could say that for medical reasons, swearing is beneficial. SO in conclusion, mother fuck.

And hey, at least I didn't say c---.

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