zombie motivation.

I just went for a run. There were bugs everywhere. Don't know what that was all about. I think I need to start looking at running like crossfit. Because right now I look at it like it's the plague. I get to a point where I just hit a wall and can't push through it. Or I guess won't push through it. It just sucks balls. Next time I run I'm going to push through the wall. Also I bought a running app for my phone that makes you think you're in a zombie apocalypse and you have to run to survive. That should help too. Nothing like zombie motivation to keep you going.

true that!
We spent the long weekend at the lake with all of Rob's friends. Basically they're his Canadian family. They have a cabin and a boat, so we pretty much just drank, ate and chilled out in the sun. I learnt how to play cribbage. That game is fricken awesome. But when I first started trying to follow it I felt like my mind was going to implode. It got a lot easier once I actually started playing. Rob built an outdoor fire pit too. They also fixed the roof while he was there. He's pretty handy like that. He also caught a fish! I was a little jealous. We saw deer and I went on a hike with Gord (Ryan's Dad), Rachel (Ryan's sister) and Cathy. Gord showed me where he'd found a dinosaur bone the last time he had been hiking the area. A mother freaking dinosaur bone people! I was a little excited. He even got to keep the bone after getting in contact with a paleontologist. Pretty cool. I made sweet potato mash to go with dinner one night, and everybody was like "what is this???". It's funny because when I cook I never use potato anymore, just sweet potato. But I guess if you're used to eating potato all the time, and then you see this mushed up orange stuff you're a little thrown. Thank god sweet potato tastes like rainbows. Nothing worse than cooking for people and then making something that tastes like ass.

When we were at the lake I had been talking to Gord about working out and what sort of exercise I do back home. He invited Rob and me to go to the gym with him to work out. That was interesting. Gord smashed it. He has this whole routine he does and just powers through. But it's a gym. With machines. I don't know how to use machines. Rob and I were definitely out of our comfort zone. Firstly, I was the only girl in the gym and there were about 5 other guys (probably still in high school) that were working on their guns. So of course they look at Rob and me trying to size us up I guess. Oh by the way, we're staying with Kev (Ryan's brother) and he lives in High River which is a pretty small town so the gym probably gets the same regulars in all the time. Anyway, secondly, there were mirrors everywhere. That shit messes me up big time. I was doing front squats (felt about as strong as a 12 year old girl) and I couldn't stop looking at my knees. Rob was like "what are you doing?" haha. It was freaking awful. And before the front squats I did some deadlifts. Well that was depressing. The barbell was super weird to start off. And I pretty much was just wedged between machines to have the one free spot on the rubber mat to lift weights. I was lifting super light and I had to readjust my grip after every rep. Ridiculous! And of course I said something like "fuck I keep losing my grip on this stupid bar!" or some whiny complaint to Rob. Then one of the random guys comes over and says "these might help you" and hands me grip pads. Uhhh. I politely said no. I probably looked like I was going to kill somebody though. Oh well. Anyway, the gym experience pretty much solidified why I do crossfit. Fuck I miss crossfit. I did 72 push ups today. Yeah, you know it.

We went to the shooting range the other day. Brilliant. I was a little nervous, I have shot a gun before in the states so I wasn't a complete noob to it but heck yes to that. It was awesome. And I was actually pretty good. There were a few of us there and we did some good old fashioned shooting. We did some competitions with targets to see who could get the best score. Yours truly won one of them. No biggie (secretly it's like the proudest moment of my life). You just have to imagine you're shooting zombies or something. Definitely want to do that again before we leave.

Speaking of leaving, Mexico is booked. Rob and I head off to Cancun on the 16th. We're going straight to Playa Del Carmen and then off to Tulum. We're going to spend the last couple of nights in Cancun for shits and giggles (aka get our spring break on). I'm freaking pumped. Except now I'm super aware of the idea that I am going to be wearing a bathing suit almost 24/7 there and that scares me a little. There's this big ass mirror in the room I'm sleeping in at Kev's and it is intense. You stand in front of that bad boy naked and there is no hiding. Seriously, not cool.

Kev has netflix. If you don't know what netflix is, you pay something like $8 a month for a bunch of movies and tv shows that you can watch whenever you want. It is sick. Rob and Kev are both pretty big movie buffs too so there's just constantly a movie playing in the house. We watched Conan the Barbarian the other night. Holy Santa Clause shit that movie is awesome. Arnold Schwarzenegger is so god damn funny in it it's ridiculous. From about 30 seconds in to the 50 second mark is probably one of the best parts of dialogue ever.

So good. P.s. I made bacon wrapped chicken thighs with a date and red onion glaze/topping dealy with sweet potato mash and broccoli for dinner last night. Bacon wrapped around anything makes it better. I swear to god.

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