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So I broke through "the wall" the other day. I listened to my zombie app and managed to almost double my running distance. It was a good moment. But then I hit another wall. That's what working out is though I guess, just breaking through a series of mental blocks, one after another after another. I think I need to set my standards higher. Fear of failure is a big thing for me. And then it's fear of pain. Or I can't do it because I'm in too much pain. Which really is complete none sense because unless you're dying then it's fair to say you're not in that much pain. Anyway, I dreamt about a zombie apocalypse that night. And I had to kill my friends who had turned into zombies. It was disturbing and slightly enjoyable. Just kidding. Or am I?

Kev and his friend Dan took Rob and me to this big shopping centre and we went to this store called Bass Pro. It has one million dollars worth of taxidermy in it. It is out of this world crazy. There are scenes of deer running away from wolves, moose grazing in a forest, a polar bear greeting you by a fish tank and birds soaring above you suspended from the ceiling. Seriously, I'm not even giving it justice because everywhere you look there's a dead stuffed animal. And the store sells camping and hunting gear. It's all very fitting. And a little bit weird.

Rob and I did a mini road trip to Banff and Jasper last week. It was pretty darn sweet. The first day we drove to Banff stopping over in Canmore which is pretty much a cute little town surrounded by huge mountains and just general awesomeness. Then we headed to Lake Louise. Ugly as all hell. Oh did I say ugly? I mean freaking melt your eye balls beautiful because the water is a fluorescent blue that glows and looks like something that's been photoshopped. It was insane. We did a hike up to a tea house on the top of the mountain there, and it was snowing. Like actual snow falling on us. I was wearing jeans, converse shoes and a jumper. Not ideal snow gear. Luckily it was only a light covering of snow. Enough to scoop up some in your hand and throw it in someone's face... aka Rob's. I was kind of losing my shit over the whole snow thing. Rob acted like it was no big deal. I think secretly he was loving it as much as I was though. After frolicking around a bit and reaching the tea house we headed back down the mountain and off to Banff.

Lake Louise. 

Banff town is really cool. It looks like something you see out of a magazine of some place that seems too good to be true. It's full of Australians and other tourists, but it does have a charm about it when you look off into the distance and see the snow capped mountains in the background. We went to this saloon for dinner and there was a dance floor where a huge group of Australians wearing cowboy hats were learning how to line dance. Rob and I both had to give a sigh of embarassment over that. Why? Why would they do that? Or atleast don't let everyone know you're Australian. We have a reputation to uphold for being racist and drunk all the time. Not cheerful line dancers. Just joking, I don't know why everyone thinks we're racist. The drunk bit on the other hand...

We drove to Jasper the next day. We stopped over at Bow Lake and then headed to Bow Summit where you get a completely amazing view of Peyto Lake. Once again, there was snow and the water looked almost fake it was so perfectly blue. We also stopped by the Athabasca glacier to check out what a big piece of moving ice looks like. It actually was pretty cool, and also freaking cold. We saw deer during the drive but not much else apart from RVs which apparently every second human being on the planet owns. Literally, there were RVs everywhere. And not just little budget ones, like serious ridiculous looking house on wheels type things. I don't really understand the concept of spending $200,000 on an RV just so you can drive around and sleep in it. Seems like a big old waste of money to me. Anyway, when we got to Jasper we weren't too wowed by the town but appreciated the fact that it was more of a town rather than a showy village like Banff. We saw a huge herd of elk down by the lake that runs along the main road on the way back from Maligne Gorge. Lucky we saw elk or Rob would've been pissed. Apparently last time he was in Banff the elk would just wander around town. Oh how times have changed. Now they've all probably fucked off because humans are taking over everything. Fair enough. The drive from Jasper to High River took about 6 - 7 hours. It was quite long. Lucky Rob and I get a long okay because I'm pretty sure that if you spend that long in a car with someone you feel compelled to stab them in the face. I have a feeling that thought crossed Rob's mind... multiple times. And by feeling I mean he told me so. I think the logistics of stabbing someone in the face while driving though is a bit too fiddly so instead he would just pinch me or squeeze my arm hard enough he'd leave finger shaped bruises, or he'd pretend to try and brake my fingers or punch me in the face. You know, the usual. It's just become almost routine now to get my daily dose of physical abuse. I keep telling him that one day I'm going to unleash on him and punch him in the face. I don't think he believes me. I could totally do it though. Just kidding. Rob if you're reading this, please don't hurt me.

Peyto Lake. 

a deer just hanging out. 

We're in Mexico by the way. I've had the old el paso theme song stuck in my head since we've been here. I'm so cultured. It's freaking hot and humid. It's kind of like breathing in water and constantly feeling clammy. I love it. We flew into Cancun, the airport was crazy busy an disorganised. We waited in line for ages to get through immigration and customs. I think I kind of got hit on by the customs guy too. He asked if Rob and I were married and we both laughed and said no, then he asked how old I was and after I told him he gave me this seedy smile. I wasn't very impressed. But he was a customs officer so I just smiled and said thank you and walked away. Awkies.

We're in Playa Del Carmen, it's pretty touristy but if you get off the main avenue you hardly see any tourists. 5th avenue is the main drag, there's a whole bunch of random crap filled stores with vendors on the street yelling at you to come into their store to check out what they've got. I think my favourite store so far is the magnet store. It's literally this massive store that solely sells magnets. I bet they sell shit loads too. Magnets are the type of thing that tourists must love to impulse buy. People are so stupid.
Yesterday we spent the day at the beach, lounging on these big sofa beds and being served margaritas at 11am. It was awesome. And the water is this beautiful turquoise and so warm it's hardly even refreshing. I got super sun burnt too. Oops. I look like I'm wearing a white bra and underwear. Basically I look ridiculous. Oh well. That night we headed to a restaurant on 10th avenue which is one street over from 5th. It's way more quiet and you don't get ripped off there. Anyway, this restaurant was freaking tasty. I got lobster with fish and abalone. Boom. So good. The street food is awesome too. $1 tacos from these little carts on the side walk or huge fresh burritos and tacos served out of little hole in the wall type places that are only filled with locals and the servers don't speak any English at all. Luckily it's pretty easy to communicate and my Spanish is getting slightly better each day. I love street food. No matter where I go I always find the street food is the best meal you'll get. Today it's been insanely hot. I've been constantly dripping with sweat. We walked around a bit and headed back to the beach to cool down. We had two lunches today too. Some may call that excessive. We call it awesome. Definitely looking forward to see what else Mexico has to offer.

getting my daily punch in the face. 

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