we don't take visa.

I forgot to tell you all about the hostel we stayed at during our last few nights in Vancouver. First off, the room was facing the alley way which was full of bins and a man who obviously lived next to the bins. He was our resident homeless guy. Every time I went to look out the window, there'd he be, lying up against the bin just hanging out. One time I looked out the window to see if he was still there and instead I saw a guy taking a piss and all I could think of was "No! That's where the homeless man sleeps!". Apparently the alley way also doubled as a public bathroom because that wasn't the first time I'd seen a guy relieving himself. The room was hot and never got dark but worst of all it was noisy. In one night from about 5am onwards I had to endure the sounds of what Rob called the "bin odyssey" where for what seemed like an entire hour a garbage truck just sat outside the window unloading bins and making a ridiculous amount of noise for an exceptionally long period of time. Yeah that gets old real fast. Then after that I thought I could get back to sleep. Ha-ha. Wishful thinking on my behalf, obviously there would have to be various drug dealings going on too, because what better time to buy your heroin than at six in the morning? Awesome.

Rob and I have been driving around Vancouver Island for the past week. It's fricken gorgeous. We started off in Victoria which basically is like a little European town that sits by the water. Yeah, once again Canada you've produced another place that is stupidly beautiful. We checked out CrossFit Vancouver Island which was fun. Of course the gym was in some random industrial area (like almost every other crossfit gym) and the people there were warm and welcoming. The coach, Jason, was ridiculously nice (he offered his backyard for us to camp out on if we needed to!) and kicked our asses with two WODs during the session. The first WOD was meant to be just a short warm up but instead turned out to be a hellish experience where all I could feel was the gluten and alcohol seeping out of my pores. It was three rounds of 20 weighted box steps (resting a barbell with weights on your shoulders), 10 pulls ups and 10 burpees. We were working in pounds which totally threw both Rob and me off. I ended up doing my weight at 29.5kg which I was pretty happy about. Had to do pull ups on a band on some rickety pull up bar though, but I didn't freak out or feel like I was losing my grip so gold star for me! That "warm up" took me 9:55, Jason said afterwards that it turned out to be a lot harder than he had planned. Rob and I were both so spent after that WOD that the idea of having to do the actual WOD was intimidating to say the least. It was a 21-15-9 of front squats, dumbbell push press and sit ups. I did the front squats super light at 20.5kg and totally bitched out on the dumbbells getting what ended up being only 5.5kg :-/ I hate dumbbell push press. I always bruise my shoulders when doing it, and any technique I have goes out the window pretty much after the second rep. It took me 6:30, I did the first set of 21s unbroken, but then after that it gets a little gritty. Rob fricken dominated the WOD, we both were exhausted by the end of it. Plus it was about 28 degrees out and it felt even warmer in the box. It felt awesome to finally go to a crossfit gym, we both were having withdrawals I think. It also reminded me how eating waffles can and will affect your performance in the gym :-/ It's funny because I ate a southern style breakfast today of biscuits and gravy at Denny's. Fml.

We drove along the east coast of the island with no particular destination. We were constantly surrounded by amazing scenery and every two seconds I'd be saying to Rob "woah look at that!" with this look of complete awe on my face. We pulled over at a look out spot and ended up having one of the most random conversations I've ever had with a complete stranger. He was an ex-cop from Alberta and was openly and proudly racist. He was also quite hilarious. I felt very confused the whole time he was talking to us, luckily Rob was able to keep the conversation going as I pretty much just stood there feeling slightly violated after his comments on shooting natives and that he enjoyed his nickname klan-man. Yeah, awkies. We stopped over in Nanaimo, the other main town on the island. Turned out to be a ghost town but we did find a cool little place called Tina's Diner which was quirky and served authentic diner-style breakfasts. The highlight a long the east coast was definitely Campbell River. The area was pretty low-key and everything was on the water's edge. We saw dolphins playing 20 metres out from the shore and there were humble little homes and barns all over the town. It was quiet and quaint and felt like a pretty chilled out place. After that we drove on down to Tofino, the surfer's hang out spot. The drive from Campbell River to Tofino was absolutely amazing. There were deer, snow capped mountains, lakes, forests, eagles, sunshine. Seriously beautiful. The little towns we had to drive through on the way though were pretty hick-like however. One place we stopped at had a supermarket where they didn't take Visa. And the elderly check out lady tapped the "no visa" sign condescendingly as if I should know better. "Oh I'm sorry, let me just grab you my Diner's Club card instead." What was this place? We got out of there pretty quickly.

Arriving in Tofino I could tell straight away that I was going to like the town a lot. First of all, there was no sign of a Wendy's, Boston Pizza, Tim Horton's or Starbucks. Thank. God. Instead it was full of cafes, surf stores and little beachy houses along the water's edge. Down the road was Long Beach which I was extremely happy about because it was the first beach we had come across rather than a lake. I don't really dig the whole lake thing here, or atleast not during peak season when there are two billion people trying to swim in one tiny lake with all of their blow up water toys and accessories. So unnecessary. Anyway, Tofino was really cool and we spent the day at the beach before we headed back towards Victoria. We ate two awesome burgers while we were there as well. The first one was at a busy fish n chip place where they made surf n turf burgers and the best chocolate shake EVER. The burger had beef and prawns and tasted like heaven. I also managed to get it all over my hands and Rob sat across from me staring disapprovingly at my inability to eat a burger. The other burger we willingly devoured was an Elk burger we had on our way out of Tofino at a little surfer cafe called Wya Point. Ugh that was good. My hands were a little more clean that time around.

There's a town called Coombs on the island that has a building where the roof is covered in grass and appears to be a paddock of some sort. Turns out goats live on it. Yes, the main attraction of this town revolves around the building that has goats living on the roof. Of course Rob and I had to check it out. It was strange. And confusing. Apparently the goats live on the roof their whole lives. And the building is a big restaurant/souvenir/ice cream/tourist trap where you can eat underneath the goats. Why anyone would want to do that I don't know. But now you know, there is a place in the world where you can eat underneath goats that live on a grassy roof. There's a fun fact for you!

We're on the ferry heading back to Vancouver. Once again I'm surrounded by complete awesomeness and instead I find myself buried in my iPad. We have one night in Vancouver then we're off to Alaska for 10 days to frolick with bears and salmon. And by frolick I mean observe from a safe distance. Not so much for the salmon I guess. But you get what I mean.

P.s. this is th best I can do with uploading photos right now.


so beautiful.

where the goats live :-/

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  1. So glad you went to Victoria/the rest of Van Island. I used to go to Coombs pretty much every summer :)


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