steak and bacon make me happy.

You know what I really enjoy here in North America? The coffee. The drip coffee that costs $1.50 and you get free refills and it's hot, it's black, and there's no pretentious barista attitude attached. I love it. Yes it's milder than the long blacks I drink back home, but it is still tasty. I don't know why everyone complains about how crap it is. That shit is good.

So flying out of Alaska is fun... I hope by now you all are able to recognise when I'm being sarcastic. Because I am. Firstly, we took a 7 hour bus ride to the airport. Guuhhhhhh. Then we couldn't check in until 4 hours before our flight, so Rob and I had to wait around with no food for three hours and hadn't eaten since lunchtime. Secondly, the flight wasn't until 1:40am. Boob. Luckily we did get to have steak for dinner which made me quite happy. Then we had to endure listening to idiots all night talking on their phones like they were in their own living room. We must've missed the memo about assholes being around at the airport that night. Who are they calling at midnight? And why would whoever they are calling want to talk to them? One guy was talking about how he wanted to start up a meth lab and get kids hooked on it so he'd have a steady income for life. I wanted to punch him in the face. He was obviously joking, but I'm not a nice person at that time unless I have the right amount of alcohol in me. And I was alcohol-less. Rob was not enjoying it at all. I was trying to stay calm but on the inside I was planning on ways to tell him to shut the fuck up. That was the best I could come up with anyway. But finally he stopped talking and I thought there was some hope for us... until the lady next to us decided that it'd be an awesome idea. Why lady? WHY? Do you think people want to hear about your life and your male problems and every other thing you want to whinge about at 1am? Fuck no! Then this guy comes and sits down behind her and he's wearing a freaking pirate hat. Uhh.

basically my reaction to the pirate guy.
So after the red eye flight from Alaska to Seattle, we then left at 7am to Vancouver and finally flew to Calgary at 10am and arrived there around 12pm. I was a zombie. And I was hungry. Preferably for non-human meat though. Really if you think about it most humans are full of crap. Like seriously, gross food that makes them fat and not delicious at all. If cannibalism was a thing, the fit healthy people would be the first to go. They'd probably get out numbered by the overweight people. But then again healthy people would stick together and they'd be nimble and fast and skilled at things like squatting and.. lifting heavy shit. Enough of this. What was I saying? Calgary. Yes. I had buffalo wings for lunch by the way. Nom nom nom. We've been staying with Rob's friends which has been completely amazing. You forget how much better things are when you're constantly surrounded by cool people and their family and you have a kitchen to cook in. Ryan (Rob's mate) cooked us steak the first night we arrived. He was like "you guys eat fast!". Oops. Probably because we haven't eaten proper food for a week. And it was proper steak from his partner Cathy's parents' farm. Boom. We went to Ryan's mum's birthday dinner on Wednesday night. Basically it was like hanging out with family. I mean you obviously are hanging out with a family, but they make you feel like you are apart of the family. It's wicked. It made me feel like I was at home. People can be so awesome and accommodating.

I've been missing cooking. And Ryan and Cathy give us full reign in the house. It's amazeballs. Rob and I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast with sweet potato mash. We were losing our shit. We've made dinner a couple of nights too. We introduced Cathy to steak for breakfast. Yeah, she was pretty stoked. In conclusion, I feel awesome now that I am eating steak and bacon on a regular basis.

I've been working out in the back yard, doing a little bit of running and working on my push ups. I did 55 the other day. Then yesterday I discovered on my crossfit app that there's a "road WOD" section. WODs to do on the road. WHAT! It's pretty good. Because now I don't have a good excuse not to work out. I did 10 rounds for time 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats. Got 23.39. I was aiming to get sub 25 so that was alright. The sit ups and squats were the rest. Anything like that for me just turns into a push up battle. I tried to break it up and be like "ok just do 4" and then I'll do that, rest and then try and do 4 again. And then I'll only have 2 left to do. Tricked my brain! Kind of. Not really. But you know what I mean. 4, 4, 2 sounds way better than 10 when you feel like you can't move your arms. Rob sat inside and watched TV. Slacker. Just kidding, Rob is injured. And plus when I came inside he was like "why didn't you tell me you were working out? I would've sat out there and yelled at you." He was being completely serious as well. Rob doesn't let me get away with not working out. I knew that too so that's why I didn't tell him what I was doing. Moohaha!

Cathy took us up to Elbow Falls and then we went into the Elbow Valley and hiked up the Nihahi Ridge Trail. The falls were gorgeous. Weather was perfect, the water was clear and bright blue and of course it's all surrounded by mountains and trees and it looks like a post card. Then we headed to do the hike which was kind of spontaneous and turned out to take us at least 2 hours. The hike wasn't as brutal as the grouse grind, but it was pretty steep at times and Cathy told us that bears could be around. Fun! But we didn't get attacked by a bear, and we made it to the top in one piece. Rob had to climb up to the highest point of the top, but Cathy and I were pretty content with just getting to the top (the highest point was a little ridonky to climb). Anyway, the scenery just makes me love Canada even more. We're heading down to the river for the long weekend which should be cool. I have a feeling it's going to get a little cray. I'm excited.

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