Alaska in all its... glory?

So Rob and I got bed bugs. Apparently the hostel we stayed at in Vancouver had them. Awesome. Luckily I wasn't badly bitten, but Rob had a huge reaction to them and was itchy for days. Thank God the place in Anchorage didn't have any. Oh by the way, Anchorage was... different. At least the plane ride in was good. We had an awesome lady check us in, she was super nice to us, changed our seats so they were in the emergency exit row and basically was the best check in lady I'd ever had. It was even better because she gave the guy in front of us a hard time (hilarious) and she coud tell we had enjoyed watching her giving him shit. I think I should give Rob most of the credit for her being nice to us though. Old ladies like Rob. Well actually most women like Rob. But especially old women. Anyway, once we got to Alaska it was about 1am and so we got a taxi into the city centre. Our taxi driver told us that the police were killing everything and that everyone was on meth. He then went on to explain a relationship he was having with a woman who was addicted to meth, and that he was with her because she was able to get him good weed. He also touched on the subject of how he can't slap drunk girls who get into his cab. I wonder if Rob and I look like the type of people that someone would want to divulge that information to. There must be something about us that people think "yeah, I'm gonna tell these guys all about my crazy ass life". Once we got to the hostel we headed for our room when Rob realised he'd left his phone in the cab. We had no idea what the cab company was, the guy's name (yeah he told us about his drug habits but not his name), or any identification number. The best we could do was use my phone to call his and send it some messages to try and get whoever now had the phone, back to us. It was fucked. That is such a shitty moment when you lose your phone. Especially when you start thinking about all the stuff on it that you now don't have anymore. I felt so bad for Rob. He handled the situation really well though, like I would've been losing my shit and he was like "well that's gone!". We gave up on calling his phone after an hour and went to bed. Then at 7am we hear a knock on the door. It's the cab driver, with Rob's phone. Holy Santa Clause shit. I couldn't believe it. Rob gave him $40 for it, pretty nice of him to bring it back. It was a glorious moment for all.

Anchorage however is not so glorious. It's just confusing. I've decided that Alaska is confusing in general. It's like nowhere I've ever been to in my life. Firstly, the downtown area of Anchorage is tiny, and full of Alaska souvenir shops. Secondly, it seemed like there were about 27 people living in the town. One third of them homeless. And thirdly, the biggest thing it's got going for them is the mall. Rob and I actually hung out at the mall one day. And I ate a pretzel. Me eating a pretzel was the highlight of the day. The weather wasn't ideal so we couldn't go off and do any of the hiking trails around the area either. We didn't really mind though just hanging out and not doing much. By Monday we were ready to head off to Fairbanks. We got a shuttle bus to Denali National Park, which is freaking beautiful and huge. Then we got on to another bus to Fairbanks. Our driver from Denali to Fairbanks was great, he told us a lot of interesting information about the area. He said that right in the park entrance parking lot a grizzly took down a baby elk infront of everyone! That would've been pretty insane to watch. We saw a moose on the side of the road, that was my highlight of wildlife spotting. And Rob had to point it out to me too. We also drove past the last place where Christopher McCandless was seen (if you've seen Into The Wild or read the book then you'll know who I'm talking about) before he died which is pretty cool. The bus ride took almost all day, so by the time we got to Fairbanks we were exhausted.

You know that awkward moment when you pull up outside the hostel you're staying at, and it looks like a creepy ass house? Yeah, that happened to us. This hostel was sending my creep radar off the charts. It was one of those houses that is semi underground, so you get that kind of basement silence of the lambs feeling when you're in it. It was full of old guys that looked like they actually lived there all year round. One of the guys there had crazy eyes and always tried to strike up conversations with you at the most annoying times. I wasn't very nice to him. In my defence, he was really weird. Rob said he wouldn't let me be in the hostel by myself at all just to give you an idea of how freaking weird this place was. So because we wanted to spend as little time as humanly possible in the man cave we would just stay out all day and do pretty much nothing. The "downtown" area of Fairbanks (I use the term downtown very loosely because it is not downtown at all, it is a few buildings and a park) doesn't have a lot going for it. There's an ice museum... and that's about it. Oh and by the way, we didn't go to the ice museum. So we were left with these options: eat, go to the movies, sit in the park, and eat. Literally we sat in the park on a bench for an hour. That happened more than once during our stay. We did work out once though. Rob did 100 hand release push ups for time and I did 75. Oh and I did them standard. BOOYAH. That's definitely a new record for me. It only took me... 15 minutes. My shoulders felt like they were on fire. And now I've just lost my train of thought because Rob has just shown me the longest arm pit hair I've ever seen in my life. What was I saying? Oh yeah, shoulders, dying. On the upside of doing a bajillion push ups, I was told I was badass by a homeless lady. Then we did pistols. Or Rob did pistols, I fell over a lot. Two days later and my quads are feeling awesome. And by awesome I mean horrible. We went and saw two movies, The Bourne Legacy which was really good and the new Batman movie (I've already seen it but apparently Rob has been living under a rock and hadn't seen it yet). So that took up a fair bit of time. The food issue was kind of annoying though. There aren't many options out in Fairbanks. Soup, salad or a sandwich. Oh and potatoes. Potatoes are in everything. But I'd rather eat crap food than no food at all. I don't function well when I'm hungry. Rob has said multiple times to me on this trip "you need to eat something now". He's almost as bad as I am though. We don't like being hungry, we're not fun to be around and we hate everyone. We found a cool diner (Rob and I have a love for diners) where we got biscuits and gravy for breakfast yesterday. Uhh. So good. Also my tolerance to gluten is pretty normal now. That's concerning. You know you've eaten a fair bit of shit if you don't get any gut irritation anymore to non-paleo foods. It's depressing. But sometimes you literally have no choice! Obviously I wanted to eat biscuits and gravy because it's the bomb, but when we went out for lunch we had sandwiches because there was nothing else. I haven't had a sandwich in such a long time. It wasn't that good really. I'll tell you what is good though, a barber shop. Rob went and got his hair cut and his beard shaved off. That shit is an art. Rob has this thing for barber shops, and now I know why. It's pretty cool. Anyway we headed off to Denali this morning. We're staying in the park for three nights so I'm hoping to see some wildlife. Basically I'm expecting to see a bear take down an elk. It could happen.

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  1. Hi Bon,
    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. It has inspired me in so many different ways. The way you dealt with your injury was incredible. I think the greatest inspiration you have given me is in the area of food and exercise. I had never heard of crossfit or the paleo diet until i stumbled across your blog. I have looked up some local crossfit gyms (not brave enough yet!) but have done some body weight workouts at home. But it was the diet that has changed my life. Since finding out about Paleo on here, i have done a heap of research and have changed the way that I eat and have lost a lot of weight and had some health issues go away. But, I must say i am kind of disappointed in your last few posts. You seem to have given up on Paleo . I have tried to get some friends to change the way that they eat but there general response has been "it is too hard." Now it seems that you are saying the same thing. You seemed so passionate about Paleo and you were such an inspiration. I'm sorry to sound so negative. I just wanted you to know how powerful you are and that you were someone I looked up to.
    I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy the rest of your trip and i hope you can find your passion for eating healthy again.


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