oh canada.

So I'm going away for three months. Yeah, I just decided that last week. I'm going to leave in the first week of August (after I see Smashing Pumpkins of course) and then I'm heading to Vancouver and making my way around Canada. Also did I mention I'm super excited? Because I am. This is pretty much the most spontaneous thing I've ever done. I'm booking a one way ticket today and then I'm planning to just wing it. Oh and how smart am I moving out a month ago and now leaving for three? Yeah, I impress myself sometimes with the inner workings of my mind. So if anyone wants a fully furnished room in Fitzroy North for three months, I've got one. Also, here's my plan so far for all you travel people that want to give me advice on where to go and what to see. Heading to Vancouver, then up to Alaska (hopefully I see Sarah Palin and can check out Russia from her house) and then back to Vancouver, hit up Whistler (which I have now heard is like the Jersey Shore of Canada... Ha-ha), then head out to Kelowna, Banff and Jasper and up to Calgary, then over to Toronto and end the trip in Montreal. Yeah buddy. Then I thought a cheeky trip to Mexico would go down alright but realised it's hurricane season there. Awkies. I think I'll still go. I broke my neck this year, surely I won't be killed by a Mexican hurricane too. Then I'll spend the last couple of weeks in San Diego and see family and also buy a butt load of clothes. I've been trying to figure out what exercise I can do while I'm away, running is the obvious first choice. Did I tell you guys that I hate running? So that's going to be fun for me. I'm going to take my skipping rope too. Did I tell you guys that I suck at double unders? Again, awesome for me. Then I'll be doing a lot of body weight stuff, push ups, sit ups, pull ups (I'm aiming to be able to do kipping unassisted again before I go) and I'll be that weird person that's working out at a playground and scaring young children off the monkey bars because I want to do pull ups and bleed on the bar. Then I'll try and do some drop in sessions at random CrossFit gyms. I was thinking of spending the last month of the trip in Phuket to do a Muay Thai training camp that my friend Ben just did. He is now completely ripped and looking freaking awesome. I want that. Either way, I need to work out. Also, I'm a bit worried about maintaining a paleo diet over there. I'll try to just live on ribs and buffalo wings but I don't think that's going to happen. They have pretzels and Mexican food. Pretty much my two biggest weaknesses in the world. Anywho, there's going to be so much room for activities.

Speaking of working out, Linds and I did a triple work out on Wednesday. First we went to CrossFit. I did this WOD called "JT" (aka sucks balls) which is a 21-15-9 of handstand push ups, ring dips and push ups. Yeah, when I read it I threw up a little bit in my mouth. Firstly, I can't do overhead stuff really, or at least haven't tried since I broke my neck. Secondly, I've been working on my push ups still, I've improved a lot but not enough to be able to do 45 of them standard so I did them on my knees. And thirdly, I can't do ring dips unassisted, so I was on the band. Instead of handstand push ups I did dumbbell presses, which I make look completely awkward and end up having mass bruises from bashing them down uncontrollably on my shoulders. Basically, I looked really impressive doing this WOD. You know what's fun too? How the whole thing is shoulder based. You don't ever get really exhausted in it, but your shoulders are just so fried that that you can't move your arms properly and so I had to stop and shake them out and probably looked like the wacky waving inflatable aim-flailing tubeman. I literally couldn't pick up my phone after the work out. Then Linds and I rode our bikes to Virgin Active Gym and and did this random dance class. Turns out it was an hour dance class with the campest gay man you'd ever seen in your life. Oh and it was Britney Spears themed. Yes, one whole hour dancing to the musical stylings of Britney. Best. Class. Ever. You know when you dance like a complete douche and you know you look totally embarrassing but it's pretty much your favourite way to dance? That was me. I couldn't actually look at myself in the mirror because I was doing things like "the sprinkler" and "the bend and snap". Also, I was enjoying listening to Britney way too much. It was all a bit surreal really. After the class Linds and I did yoga at work, which felt really good at the time. But then the next day my back and shoulders were in the worst pain I'd felt since before I broke my spine. Awesome.

pretty much what I looked like.
Oh I made breakfast burritos the other day. I used coconut flour to make the tortillas. Yeah, I'm on to something with this. You just need a ridiculous amount of egg whites, some water and a bit of coconut flour, whip it together and then fry it in the pan in some coconut oil. Nom nom nom. I filled them with scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade salsa. I pretty much died inside when I took the first bite. So fricken good. Then I did a raw date, macadamia and coffee cake with a banana filling. It looked really pretty, and then I cut into it to serve the slices, and it fell apart and looked a little bit like vomit. So depressing. I managed to get one pretty looking slice out of it, but still, nothing worse than serving yum food that looks like crap. Basically I just macadamias, almonds, cinnamon, coffee grindings and cacao together, then blended the dates and mixed that together for the base. I filled it with pureed banana and then topped it with sliced strawberries. I love raw cakes. Mostly because you can make them and eat them in less than 30 minutes. Now I'm not saying that you should eat this cake every day of your life, but once in a while it's a great treat to have to make you feel better about life in general.

breakfast burrito. I love you.
that's a good looking cake.
awesome plating up skills.
I went to two 21st parties this weekend. Friday night I had my friend Kieran's party, which involved a lot of wine and ridiculous dancing. Then after that I headed to Panama Dining Room to catch up with work mates. The next day I was pretty hungover and so were half the team at the store. So we decided to play this game where you can't call anyone by their real name or else you have to do 5 burpees as a penalty. I was referred to as Pocahontas and Sir Drunks-a-lot. I suck at the game so I ended up doing about 40 burpees at least. It actually made me feel better. Then I went to a big 21st that night down in Mt Eliza. I haven't been to the Mornington Peninsula since March. I forgot how boring the drive is from the city, but it was so good to see people from high school that I hadn't seen for months and even years. It was my friend Ben, he's one of my favourite people in the world. The night was ridiculously good, but I didn't get to sleep until quarter to five and had binged on pistachios and yogurt after we left the party. I actually felt pretty classy eating the pistachios, but then in the morning there were shells everywhere and I realised that I must've eaten them like a crazed pistachio eating monster. Plus my friend Sam was sleeping in a dog bed. Good times.

good eatin'
P.s. I ate at this place called Trippy Taco on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy the other day. They do vegetarian and vegan Mexican food (cue insensitive joke about how stupid vegan is...kidding! But seriously, why???) and although it pretty much was paleo hell, I ate a sweet corn tamale and it was the mother freaking bomb. I have never been able to find tamales ANYWHERE in Australia apart from Casa Iberica and even then they're not the greatest thing ever. But these were extremely tasty and yes the corn made me feel not so chipper but I got really excited about eating Mexican food and abandoning my morals for those few minutes. Hmmmm, I have a feeling abandoning my morals is going to become a regular thing while being away (I love how dirty that sounds but really all I'm talking about is food. Living the dream.).

nom nom nom tamale.

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