welcome to the dark side.

So it got to the point the other day where I was like "God I need a coffee...".


How am I at this point already??? I had work at 9 and went on break at 12 dying for a coffee. I went across to the cafe that most of us from work go to since it's just on the other side of the road. We all know the guy that owns it, and I told him I just recently began drinking coffee and he shook my hand and said "welcome to the family". Except I think I heard "welcome to the dark side" instead. Plus everyone around me seems to be giving up coffee, and I'm just getting into it. Which makes me think that this is a bad idea and I should stop immediately!


So I've decided that I need to go paleo strict, really badly. Firstly, remember that gluten free muesli I bought? Well I eat it ALL the time. It's concerning to say the least. And the dairy intake has just gone off the charts, been eating cheese, drinking milk, having coffee, eating the muesli... seriously. Need to get a grip and go back to eating strict. Also, I want to start experimenting with my own paleo recipes, so here's where I'm at. Doing the 30 day challenge in June, and writing 5 new recipes a week. Yeah, this should be interesting.

I re-wrote my one year, five year and ten year goals last night. It was hard. And exciting and scary and at the moment does not involve children or a degree. Oh hey Mum and Dad! Bet you're real happy about that. Anyway, it does involve a paleo cafe, a paleo tapas bar (yeah the meat bar made it), my blog and a lot of travelling, cooking, crossfit and just fun in general. It sounds pretty sweet. I'm looking at doing a short course in business and another short course in nutrition. I have been looking at this Bachelor in Business (entrepreneurship) degree as well... but me and a business degree just doesn't seem to go well together. So we'll see what happens with that. Are you being overwhelmed by my confidence right now?

I saw the film 'Wish You Were Here' today. It's an Australian drama and was really good! Basically it's about four Australians who travel to Cambodia, and one guy goes missing, and they try to deal with the after math of everything that went on. Normally I find that Australian films are either extremely well made or just hackneyed and predictable. I think the directing was pretty commendable and plus I love Joel Edgerton so it was a win win situation. I also ate popcorn and peanut m&ms... then I had a gluten free burger afterwards :-/ and two pots of cider. Which in my defence is a good effort considering I always order pints. I'm trying to be really mellow this month, avoiding stressful situations and limiting my alcohol intake as much as I can so that I heal faster. I think the last three months have been quite stressful and that's probably why I didn't recover as quickly as I could've. So I'm going to be low key, stress free and only get mildly drunk. Commitment right there people.

My Dad, an avid non-paleo eater goes to this french bakery called Noisette in Port Melbourne every weekend to buy bread and this morning I asked him to see if they do gluten free bread. That was a terrible idea. He brought back this amazing loaf of gluten free bread that I pretty much devoured half of in 2 hours. Firstly I had two slices with jam... fricken amazing. And then later on I decided I wanted a bacon sandwich so I made that... ended up having bacon three times today as well. I really don't want to become one of those people that just eat a shit load of gluten free stuff that is still not really paleo. I can feel that this is a slippery slope and I'm slowly falling into the "gluten free black hole". A lot of gluten free products do still actually contain shit in them, but I know it makes me feel better when I can say "it's gluten free!". Yeah... that's gotta stop.

it's gluten free so it's okay right? NO. But I eat anyway.

My Dad just popped a blister on my heel and put a band aid on it. How old am I again?

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