bitch, please.

My friend told me the other day, "if I didn't know you I'd think you were an alcoholic from your blog...". Brilliant.

So I've been away since Thursday over in Wollongong for the CrossFit Regionals. There was a whole group of us from our gym that went to support our team that were competing. It was awesome. I've never been to the Gong and we didn't even stay in town because everything was booked out. So a group of 11 of us rented out this massive house by the beach in Coledale, which is completely beautiful. Also, it was sunny and warm every day. So much so that it was recorded as the sunniest days they'd ever had in May since around 1840. Convenient, I know. Basically the weekend consisted of us getting up early, eating a huge breakfast cooked on the barbecue, sitting out on the deck soaking up the sun, going to the stadium to watch our team compete, drinking cider, going home, eating steak and salmon for dinner, drinking more cider, sleeping and then repeating that. I enjoyed many aspects of the trip such as the fact that I forgot to pack any underwear. That was fun. Luckily I was able to buy some at the supermarket but still... face palm. Also watching extremely fit people compete for the title of fittest in our region whilst drinking cider and thinking how unfit I am at the same time. That was enjoyable. I love those moments that you have where you're like "yeah I'm totally going to start eating strict and get unbelievably fit and stop drinking..." and then you take a sip of your cider :-/ But seriously, it is insane how strong these athletes are. Our team ended up coming 8th, they freaking dominated. It was impressive to say the least. And get this, they ran out of cider on the last day just as all the team athletes had finished competing. Classic crossfitters drinking cider because they think it's paleo... it's funny because I use that excuse all the time. But seriously, it was one of the best weekends of my life.

You know when everything just seems to go wrong? That's what happened to us Monday night. So we hung out in Sydney on the Monday to see the sights before flying home. Once we got to the airport we did the whole security thing which normally I'm a pro at because I've travelled for six and a half months around the world and am quite aware of what to not pack when taking carry on. Well my plastic nail file was considered a dangerous weapon so that got taken off me after about 20 minutes of this random guy emptying out my backpack, rummaging through all of my things, sending it all through the x-ray machine about 7 times (not even kidding) until he finally found it after checking and re-checking every single pocket in my bag. Then, we went to board our flight with Jetstar and Lindsay's carry on was apparently too big so she had to check it. Now this was confusing because it seemed fine to fly in with from Melbourne, but was miraculously too wide in Sydney to fly out with. After that got dealt with I headed down the tunnel towards the plane when an attendant asked me "Is that a neck brace or a spinal brace?". I said that it was a full brace and she responded with "have you got medical clearance to fly?". The fuck? Medical clearance? Bitch please, I flew with you on the way into Sydney and everything seemed to be pretty a-okay then, why would I need medical clearance now? So we walked back to the line where everyone was getting their tickets checked to board the plane and the attendant made this big scene in front of all the freaking passengers about my brace and how she'd have to check with the captain. They never asked me what the injury was or if I'd had surgery. So basically she was going to ask the captain "hey can you fly with a chick in a neck brace?". Yeah, wankers. Then they decided that Jonathon's mum's carry on bag was too big as well so that had to get checked. And yes, once we got home, their bags didn't arrive. They went on the next flight that was landing in Melbourne two hours later. Awesome. In conclusion, fuck you jetstar. Apart from that though the trip was pretty much perfect. We even got to see whales on our drive out of Coledale. That was a nice touch. Yep, I could definitely get used to that.

where we saw the whales.
the beautiful sunshine.
mamma Linds and me being tourists. 
kick ass yam crisps.

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