prepare to die! (just kidding... but seriously).

Sometimes I forget I write a blog. And then I have conversations with people telling them stories and they're like "yeah I know, I read it on your blog...". Awkies.

It was my best friend Maddie's 21st birthday party on Friday night. My two other best friends and I had to do a speech. I've never done a 21st speech, so I liquored up before hand to get some courage in me and it went very smoothly. We made this video called "Shit Maddie Says", it was a take off of "Shit Girls Say" and was absolutely brilliant, but the fricken sound didn't work so we had to hold the mic up to the laptop! Ugh. I hate it when things like that happen. And it's very difficult getting a group of over a hundred people to shut the hell up to listen to a video. Luckily most people got the gist of it and it was a bit of a hit if I don't say so myself. I was so good the entire night as well because there was pizza everywhere and I ate none of it! AND I was drunk, which I normally use as an excuse to eat non-paleo foods and not feel guilty about it... until the next day. But then the cupcakes came out. And they looked good. Real good. So I ate one. And then grabbed another one and smooshed it into Mel's face. And then she retaliated. And then it was on like donkey kong. Basically the cupcakes had this perfect swirl of icing on top that was just made to be squished into someone's face. Or every body's face. Either way. The moral of the story is, cupcake fights are fun. Until you attempt to smoosh it into the birthday girl's face. Then prepare to die, because she will kill you. Seriously.

Yeah she looks innocent... until you try
and get a cupcake near her face.
Got cupcake on my brace. Delicious.

So the next day was totally awesome. You know that feeling when you wake up and you're like "yeah I'm all good" until you get up out of bed and then you realise you're still drunk and stumbling all over the place? Oh yeah, that was me. It was hideous. After sleeping a bit more that dizzy feeling subsided and then I was just wanting to throw up for the next 5 hours. And yes, I did throw up... multiple times. And then I was told my neck brace smelled like vomit. Awesome person at life right here. I managed to change the padding in my brace over to not smell like a homeless person. Also, I went out with Dad to Richmond to eat Pho at Little Saigon. I knew that would make me feel better. I refrained from eating all the solids and just drank the broth, and then I drank all of Dad's broth. I also had a fresh coconut juice... Coconut juice is like medicine. Pretty much the best hangover cure going round.

So Mum and I made homemade paleo muesli the other day. Sweet Jesus it's good. Basically we just mixed almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamias, pepitas, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds all together, dry roasted them and then added dried currants and dried apples (we dehydrated them ourselves - best thing ever!). I have it with coconut milk and berries... fricken yum. Seriously need to box that bad boy up and sell it. I could start my paleo foods business tomorrow! Not really... but I see potential. I also made the chorizo egg bake. Fried in a pan the garlic and onion, then added capsicum, tomato and rocket and mixed in some Moroccan seasoning. In another pan I cooked the chorizo then added it in with the veggies and then poured it all into a few ramekin dishes and broke an egg on top of each one. Then I placed them in the oven at around 200 degrees for 10 minutes. BOOM. You got egg bake my friend. So easy and delicious. I ate two servings today for lunch. Nom nom nom.

Our muesli. The best.
Chorizo Egg Bake. All gone.

P.s. I was browsing some old pictures of Mum and me for mother's day and found this one in the album. GOLD. Thank you Mum for making awesome power ranger costumes that made all the kids jealous.

Check it - eating a cookie and loving life.

Pp.s. Spot the dog.

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