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I made ugly cupcakes the other day. That's depressing. If I make ugly food, I don't post it. These were the carrot cupcakes that I had planned to make back at Easter time. Yeah, I finally got around to it... They turned out alright, but I didn't have coconut concentrate and ran out of honey. I wasn't really prepared apparently. Oh well. On another annoying note, I had a conversation with a guest at work the other day that went something like this:
Guest: "What happened to your neck?"
Me: "I fell off a pull up bar and fractured two of my vertebrae."
Guest: "Well that wasn't very sensible."
Me (now extremely annoyed): "Well I didn't do it on purpose.. (*inside voice* you fucking nob!!!!)"
... Yeah, there are actually people out there that say things like that. To give you a little bit of the background story to this, that whole day at work, I literally had to tell every single person in the store what had happened to my neck. I probably had the same conversation at least fifty times. Some days are really good where I only have to explain the story to a handful of people, like yesterday I worked for an hour and forty minutes before someone asked me what happened. That's a record. But anyway, that day was ridiculous. But guess what? My brace comes off on Wednesday, so I only have one more day at work with it on. Heck yes. I am so excited, it's like my birthday and Christmas combined. Maybe I should wear my storm trooper mask to work. I wouldn't really be able to talk to guests and actually they probably wouldn't want to talk to me either. Awesome.

Ugly Cupcakes :-(
I tell you what is the best thing ever. A fire. We have this huge fireplace in our living room that is pretty much my favourite thing in the world. Also, our house has no heating, so it kind of keeps us from dying of hypothermia. I enjoy camp fires too. And camping in general. But I think I like camping because of the fire. Plus if I wasn't paleo I'd totally be roasting marshmallows. But instead maybe I can roast bacon on a stick or something. I'm sure I can get creative.

Fire and Cider. Mmmm.
Saturday I went to the South Melbourne Markets with my Dad. Firstly, until about 2pm I had only eaten 7 oysters and drank 2 lattes. Yeah I actually ended up having 3 coffees that day. What is happening??? I fricken love that oyster bar there though. If you haven't had the oysters at the markets, go and eat them! The guy shucks the oysters right in front of you, and they're $1 each. Yep, amazing. I had planned to eat more food throughout the day, but then kind of just forgot. Oops. I bought some steak from my favourite butcher Tony from South Melbourne Meats, he and his wife are so awesome. It's people like them that make the market experience what it is. Plus they do grass fed meat that is the best I've ever tasted. So really it's a win win situation. We then went to Prahran market which I discovered has a gluten free stall! Yeah buddy. Some of it is still pretty crap, but I bought some "muesli" mix which is gluten free and just nuts pretty much. I had it with raw milk. Uhhhhhh so good. I'm not a cereal person at all, and I don't normally crave things like that. But sometimes I don't feel like eggs so instead this morning I had bacon and the muesli. Nom nom nom. Yeah, I always feel like bacon.

I love you oysters.

My butchers being awesome.

Saturday night we had family friends Naomi and Chris come over for dinner. Naomi is Vietnamese and she made fresh pork spring rolls. Dear. God. They were the best spring rolls I've ever had in my life. Seriously, they were nothing like the "normal" spring rolls that we get here in Australia. Actually died a  little inside at how good they were and how I would never be able to replicate them. But seriously, I would like to eat them all the day and night forever. Dad even used the term "yum bomb" to describe their deliciousness. Yeah, yum bomb... 8 bottles of wine were consumed that night. And he wasn't drunk when he said that. Awkward Dad moment... story of my life.

Spring Rolls = Die.

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