mostly awkward.

I can see pretty specific details about people who read my blog, like what time and what post and more interestingly, where they are from. To date I've had people read my blog from Australia (obviously), USA, France, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Austria, India, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. I like to think that there's a young 19 year old with a fractured neck in each of those countries... Ok that kind of came out sadistic and weird. Totally didn't mean it like that... Or did I? 
No, I didn't... ?

I bought a new backpack yesterday. I'm going to try really hard to keep this one vomit free. Maybe I should carry an emergency vomit bag in it just in case... genius. Also, I didn't make those cupcakes. I did some more online shopping. Seriously. But I do have all the ingredients now so I'm going to make them sometime within the not too distant future (love how I don't commit to any proper date). I found this awesome drinking game that I'm totally going to execute soon. You need about a solid 10 hours of free time, a couch, a TV, alcohol, and all three Lord of the Rings movies. Yeah, you know you're intrigued now. It's happening, and it's going to be magical... and possibly quite feral.

BOOM! Who's in?

So I've been eating a lot of rice lately. Like multiple times a day, a lot. Which is kind of overloading my guts and they are cursing me from the inside. And then we had roast lamb the other night, and my Nana made Yorkshire pudding, which I've never had but I know is pretty much gluten and eggs. So I wasn't too keen to eat it, but I took one bite so I didn't hurt her feelings. After that I just cut it up into little pieces and smooshed it around the plate. I learnt that trick from Skins when Cassie shows how she used to pretend to eat dinner when she was anorexic. Ah TV. Helping me deal with real life situations every day.

You know what I enjoy a lot? Walking up Parliament station's escalators. Firstly, I like everyone else to feel lazy when they see the chick in the neck brace powering up the stairs. I hope that they decide to join in and walk too. Secondly, does anyone else think about activating their glutes and their pelvic floor while they do it? It's becoming a habit now for me, and I freaking love it. Thirdly, I hate standing on an escalator and not moving. That is the aggressive walker in me saying that. It's just so slow. And you have to just stand there waiting forever. Pffft. I don't want some machine to dictate when and where I'll get somewhere (she says as she types on her Macbook and messages off her iPhone...).

Remember when I wrote about my jumper getting stuck on my neck brace and it took me about 5 minutes to unhook it? I kind of felt like a turtle on its back trying to flip over. Anyway. That happened to me again today at work. But luckily Tina was there to help me this time. It's kind of degrading and hilarious at the same time. Like most things are with a neck brace. I've just accepted the fact the two come hand in hand.

Hmmm. I like your thinking.
So it's my last day as a teenager today. And what have I been doing you ask? Well apart from my 8 hour shift at work, I have come home, eaten curry, and am now sitting in my room with the door closed, listening to music, and blogging. And eating organic gluten free potato chips. And drinking cold tea. Yeah, I don't think I'll stop doing that once I turn 20. Will I get away with throwing up in my backpack again though? I'm hopeful. I shouldn't really be setting myself up to do that again. That should be like a one off thing I think. Anyway, I'll probably just hang out with my grandparents tomorrow. Not even joking. That's pretty much all I have planned until dinner time. Awkward. Or awesome?.. 
Mostly awkward.

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