first world problems.

Being paleo, I have many friends that are also on paleo. A common conversation that comes up for us is reminiscing about food we used to eat before going paleo. It's kind of a depressing conversation. And the food we miss is really stupid. Like the other day we were talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And also peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches. Fuck those are good. Seriously though, of all the food I miss, a PB&J sandwich that I used to eat back in primary school is at the top of the list? Yes it is. Also I miss crackers. There is just no paleo equivalent! I've tried almond meal crackers and they sort of work, I can also buy gluten and wheat free crackers but they are still made from quinoa and rice and also have soy in it, so really it's not that much better. I swear to god, anything that is gluten free HAS to have soy in it. Because vegans and vegetarians are the prime demographic for that stuff and they eat soy products by the truck load. I want to find something that is grain free and soy free and tastes like a normal cracker. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is. I'm going to spend the rest of the year trying to perfect a cracker recipe that is paleo. It's funny because I actually have nothing else to do in my life right now apart from figure out this recipe. Sigh.

Would you all like to know what I'm thinking my career should be now? A teacher. Don't laugh. Firstly, I really liked school (says the uni drop out). In my defence, uni is completely different to high school. Anyway, secondly, I enjoy helping people. Thirdly, I like English. Put that all together and you get a high school English teacher! So my plan now is to get a double degree in arts and education, and i'll major in English. Boom. Except I can't start until next year. Which means I need to find something more productive to do this year that doesn't involve perfecting the paleo cracker recipe. Also, pre-requisites involve maths... which I did not do. Why does maths have to be involved in everything??? Can I tell you how many times I've used maths since school? Zero. I have a calculator on my phone. More importantly, I want to be an English teacher, not a maths teacher. Everyone knows English teachers suck at maths and science. It's a fact. But I'm a non-year 12 applicant, so I probably can sweet talk my way in to the course without having done maths. I'm pretty optimistic. Most of the time. Sometimes I go through stages of just feeling completely hopeless. But then I hear my friend Rob's voice in the back of my mind saying "first world problems" and I snap out of it. Thank you very much Rob.

My house is right at Brighton Beach train station. Which is very convenient, but sometimes annoying. It's only annoying to me right now because I'm sleeping in a different bedroom. My proper bedroom is at the front of the house (for all you stalkers out there) and so I face the street. However the guest bedroom is on the second floor of the house facing the station. And if the window is open, you can see everyone at the station (along with the beach and a pub). Anyway, I'm not used to this orientation and sometimes I forget that the window is open and I'm on display. Well long story short, I got changed with the window open and then realised half way through the process... Ugh. I think my being in the neck brace makes the situation that much more embarrassing. I'm not sure if anyone saw, but if they did, they are now scarred for life.

Sometimes I feel this hopeless getting changed with a neck brace on.
My brother is trying to convince me to go to Europe instead of Canada. I am thinking that Europe would do well for me, but I'm just worried about the money situation. I could do it pretty cheaply, I have done Europe on a budget before, but still, it is Europe. Anyway, I probably won't end up going anywhere because I'm so freaking indecisive.

I find it interesting/annoying when I'm at the supermarket or something, and I get served, pay, grab my goods and set off to leave, and THEN they ask me what happened to my neck. Seriously? You had the whole time to ask when I was waiting around, and now you ask me right when I'm about to leave? Do people expect it to be a quick conversation? Oh yeah I just snapped my neck the other day, no biggie. NO. It is an elaborate tale with a beginning, middle and end that I do not want to tell you when I'm holding 5 shopping bags and have other people behind me that want to pay for their groceries. You know what I say to these people - "Oh I fractured two of my vertebrae" and then I smile or laugh and walk away. Suck it people. You will NEVER know how it happened. Your own fault for asking me such a stupid question at the most inconvenient time ever. Woah. Got a bit angry there at the end. One of my friends told me the other day that Aries people are aggressive :-/

Guess what I had for dinner? Chili mud crab and a prawn and scallop stir fry. Yeah I know, awesome. I actually ate about 5 servings of the crab. My Pop seriously just can't get over how much food I eat. I tell him he eats like a round eye (what we call you Westerner folk) because I can eat about quadruple what he eats. Anyway, I just kept eating and I guess at some point everyone got up and left the table and then when I got out of my crab trance I realized I was at the table by myself. Well my Pop was still there just watching me eat in amazement. Not weird at all.

P.s. I drank a cider today while I was looking at backpacks online, on my bed, by myself. My friend was a little concerned. Which then made me concerned. Is this destructive behaviour? I get more worried about falling back into my online shopping addiction then the drinking thing. Who looks for a backpack online? What is wrong with me? Everything.

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  1. Young lady there is nothing wrong with you, your trying to manage your depressive moments caused by the big changes in your life over the last few months and your being challenged! You do need to seriously get your shit together though, it is a slippery ride down hill to seeing you on biggest loser trying to lose 60 kgs of paleo fat! Get something to focus on, it really doesn't matter as long as it pulls you forward in life in a positive way. Find something good in your day to day life and focus on that and accept what is good in your life. One step at a time is the way you move forward, not by thinking about it, you need to actually lift the foot and move it forward!

    You don't need to be perfect to have a life, you just need to be able to get out of bed :)


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