you speak kazoo?

I had to spend 2 hours today waiting to see a neurosurgeon at the hospital. Just the standard review to check my x-rays and make sure my bones were healing okay. So while I'm waiting I have to sit in the "orange" section and watch this TV that's just audible enough to be either entertaining or annoying. Definitely annoying. I had to watch a show called 'Toy Box'. Let me tell you, it was not enjoyable. Firstly, it's about these toys that come to life and sneak around this kid's room. Yeah I know, creepy. Secondly, there's this rag doll character that speaks in kazoo language. KAZOO people. Because that's what I want to be listening to when I have to sit for 2 hours in a hospital waiting room to see a surgeon for less than 5 minutes. Ugh. Good news is my x-rays look super sexy (I assume) and my bones are healing up a storm!

I booked flights to go to Sydney for the CrossFit Regionals today. It is very exciting. Well it's not really Sydney, it's Wollongong. Do you know what Wollongong's nickname is?
The Gong. Enough said.

So I decided I wanted to whip up some yummy dessert tonight because I saw my gym friend Jess cooking up a feast of paleo brownies and banana loafs and it made me hungry. Real hungry. Of course I went straight to my Paleo Comfort Foods recipe book. God I love that book. It's become my bible. Anyway, I made Coconut Chocolate Pudding. I haven't had pudding since, well, I can't remember. Before I started paleo, I probably could give you a run down when and where I ate ANYTHING. If I hadn't eaten something for a couple of weeks, I would make it my mission to eat it. Now, I can say I haven't eaten things for MONTHS. Most people would think that's depressing. I think it's awesome..(ok maybe it is slightly depressing). So this recipe is basically a can of coconut milk heated in a saucepan and mixed with chopped up chocolate (I used Loving Earth raw cacao chocolate) so it melts and comes to a simmer. In a separate bowl you mix three tablespoons of raw cacao powder and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to make a thick paste that mixes in with the coconut milk. Then you add two whisked egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of honey, and BOOM, you got pudding. It is cooling in the fridge as we speak, but I can tell you it is a real winner. And fortunately for me, I had multiple cooking utensils to lick clean. Make this right now, eat it, and then hunt me down, and give me a hug for telling you about this recipe. Oh and if I smell like pudding when you hug me, it's because I got some on my neck brace. Oops.

Top it with berries and devour.

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