what have I become?

So I have officially dropped out of uni...

It all happened so fast. In about a space of 15 minutes, I withdrew from my design course and got an interview with the new course I'm interested in. I got in contact with Southern School of Natural Therapies and ended up having an interview this afternoon. Basically the guy said I can start tomorrow morning at 9am doing part time until Semester 2, or I can just wait until July and start full time then. So I've decided I'm going to wait until July. I don't like being rushed. And then I can figure out if it's really what I want to be doing. But so far, a bachelor in health science - naturopathy, is what I'll be doing for the next 4 years. And the school is a 5 minute walk from my gym. Lunch time work outs anyone? Yes please.

But now the question is, what do I do until July? Become obsessed with a TV show, watch the entire series within 72 hours and then move on to the next one? Possibly. Stay in my ikea chair for 13 hours of the day and sleep the other 11? Intriguing. Bake paleo goods? Well duh. Really I've got so many options. But I probably should include some activities that require me to leave the house. Just so I don't become crazy cat lady.

I was eating this fish pie thing today. I know it sounds awful, but it actually was delicious. Anyway, I thought I did alright eating it, until I leaned over and a pea fell out of my neck brace. This happened about 15 minutes after I finished eating... Luckily I was in the comfort of my own home and could really assess the damage when I looked in the mirror. You know those classic photos of babies eating spaghetti for the first time? That was what I looked like. But instead of being really cute, it was just sad.

Oh God. Is this what I've become? A uni drop out who sits on her ikea chair blogging and eating fish pie all day?.. I need to find some more neck brace friendly activities. Like right now.

P.s. Check out this freaking doozy of a dish from my Paleo Comfort Foods book. It's Chicken Tomatillo Soup. You need to buy canned tomatillos from a specialty store, we got them from a really good supermarket in Fitzroy called Casa Iberica. It is the bomb. And a huge dollop of guacamole to top it all off. Amazeballs.

Get in me!!!

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