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First week of uni down. There's a milestone. I know a lot of people complain about uni but...well so do I. And I haven't really got anything else to say about it. Apart from the fact that I like to spend time googling "how to make money while travelling" a lot... My parents will be so proud.

So yesterday was my one month anniversary with my neck brace! I'm a third of the way through. And it has gone surprisingly fast. Plus to celebrate, my Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook arrived. Which was perfect timing, because I was going through one of those phases where I was feeling crap again, but then after flicking through the cookbook I got way too excited about fish tacos, fried chicken and biscuits and gravy to stay upset. This book is the freaking bomb. Plus it has a foreword by Robb Wolf, and I love this little excerpt from it:
"I consider myself an athlete, I work to squeak as much performance out of my body as I can, and good-quality food is central to my quest to stay healthy, lean, and strong. That's all great, but food is much more than "fuel". Food should be about traditions, holidays, family gatherings, and nights on the town with friends and loved ones. This is what Paleo Comfort Foods is all bout. The best food you have ever eaten, made with ingredients that will not create those other fun social gatherings - the funeral." Well said Mr Wolf.

You should've seen the inner turmoil that was going on with me this morning. So last night I didn't have dinner. I just ran out of time really. So this morning I was totally ready to stuff my face with bacon. And then we didn't have bacon. I get really emotional about bacon. I don't know if this is a normal thing, but sometimes if we don't have bacon, I just feel like my whole day is ruined. Some people need their coffee. I need my bacon. Anyway, after deciding that my only other option for breakfast was eggs, which I did not want, I saw the fresh baguette sitting on the kitchen bench. You know how you can feel someone watching you? My skills at noticing people watching me has heightened since I've gotten the neck brace, but still, any normal person knows when they're being stared at. Well the baguette was staring at me. In all its fresh, Frenchy goodness. Waiting for me to slather fresh jam on top of it. I slowly approached it with caution. Delicately pulled it out of its paper bag and placed it on top of the cutting board. I grabbed the knife. It was happening, I was about to eat bread for breakfast. I could hear my gut saying "NO! NO! I'm going to be bloated and make disconcerting noises that you can't cover up with an inconspicuous sneeze or cough!" but my heart was saying "Mmm bread...". I took one last longing look at the baguette and knew I had made my decision. Not today my friend, not today. I could hear Robb Wolf's words "the funeral..the funeral..the funeral" echoing wisely in my ear. Instead I grabbed my new cookbook and whipped up a storm of biscuits and gravy. Most Australians have no idea what biscuits and gravy as a meal is. A biscuit, is a southern style scone I guess. But it's salty, and has a different texture. But it's the closest comparison I have. So it pretty much was like a souffle, the egg whites kept it light and fluffy, and the almond meal gave it the texture. Then I made this coconut milk gravy with sausage. Pretty good effort really. It was definitely satisfying. Except I burnt the tops of the biscuits. Sigh.

So today I decided I'd dedicate it to doing uni homework and cooking. You know what's annoying. Supermarkets. That was a terrible segue by the way. Dad and I normally on Saturday morning's go to the south Melbourne markets and get sangria and buy a week's worth of produce. But since today's weather was so depressing we just got lazy and went to the supermarket. Oh my god, we hate everyone. That's what we were thinking the whole time we were in there. Firstly, they don't have coriander. How can a supermarket not stock coriander?? Secondly, they have one brand of organic eggs, and they come in a 10 pack. Why not a dozen? Are we being punished for buying overpriced but ethically correct and tastier eggs by only being supplied with 10 instead of the standard dozen? Dad and I love bitching in the supermarket. It's how we bond. It's funny though because we complain, and then we end up buying it anyway. Last week, no joke, we had 48 eggs in our fridge. Is that excessive? Meh. OH and thirdly, did you know you can buy 98% fat free "light" tuna.
What is the demographic that "light" tuna is aimed towards? I'd love to know. Because they must think we are complete idiots. Really.

Thanks for continuing reading after that horrendous rant. No more. I promise :-) Onto the fun stuff now. Fish tacos. I know that many of you might cringe at the idea of fish tacos, but if you have never eaten proper fish tacos, or just real Mexican for that matter (which you will NEVER find in Australia) than you have no idea. I'm sorry. I know that's harsh, but I will gladly have you come over to my casa and whip you up some version of Mexican that resembles the awesome hole in the wall taco stands that I love so much in Southern California *cue nostalgic look off into the distance. My paleo cookbook required me to take many steps to create this mexican fiesta in my mouth. I had to make paleo mayonnaise, a chipotle sauce, the fish marinade, the slaw, guacamole, cook the fish and then assemble the whole thing together into deliciousness.
Fish Taco with a lettuce shell. Sorry the photo came out
sloppy, I was a bit inpatient. This particular taco
was devoured in about 2 seconds flat.
Also, I made these Fudgebabies that my friend from the gym gave me the recipe for. These are a version of a raw bliss ball that I make regularly. The difference with these ones was the dried apricots. And oh my, were they good. So buying dried apricots that are all natural is quite a shock. They are brown. Not orange. They don't look very appetising, but who cares when they taste so freaking good. Ended up combining fresh dates, dried apricots, cacao powder, "activated" walnuts (soaked for 12 hours), cashews, cacao nibs, shredded coconut and salt. They were lovely and sticky and... moist. Mmmm moist balls. Wait a second.
Anyway. I made about 40 and brought them into the gym Friday night as I watched everyone do a hideous WOD for the Open. It was just a whole bunch of freaking snatches. A snatch is a type of Olympic lift and if you haven't noticed...is called a Snatch. So many jokes come to mind. But I will refrain.

Oh yeah, I completely forgot to tell you guys. I went and saw my physio on Wednesday. So she said that I can be doing pilates to work on my core, glutes and quads while I've got the brace on, which is brilliant news. I got to get straight into it and soon enough was in a world of hurt. It. Was. Awesome. I love that feeling when you know you're going to be sore the next day. It's funny too because my glutes and core are a huge weakness for me, so hopefully I'll have a super strong ass and abs which will compensate for my noodle-like neck after the brace comes off.

On a completely random note, I got tickets to see Radiohead in November. AND for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I'm going to see my food hero Anthony Bourdain. Yes, I know. I am awesome. Oh I just got paleo mayonnaise on my brace... Still awesome though.

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