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Remember when I told you all about the crazy ass dreams I was having back when I first got the neck brace? Well in those dreams I never saw myself with the neck brace on. Until now. I dreamt a couple night's ago that my friend Ben and I were both wearing neck braces. Hopefully that's not a premonition about Ben... but anyway, I guess after almost 7 weeks with this bad boy on, my subconscious has finally given in. It seems weird that it's taken this long for me to see myself in my dreams with the brace on. But I guess most of the time I forget I'm wearing it anyway, until someone laughs in my face... Ok I won't get back into that, but really I do most of the time forget I have it on. I think people really underestimate the power of the human condition. I have things said to me like "I could never wear that" or "It's so good to see you out, I would stay at home all day", but really, you wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, it fucking sucks some times. But if you have the choice to sit back, hide, get embarrassed and stop living because of some piece of plastic wrapped around your neck, your priorities are seriously out of order. I have never been as social and outgoing, made as many life changing decisions or discovered so many things about myself I never knew existed, until getting this neck brace. It seems almost ironic, but I guess sometimes it takes a huge life changing event to get you present to what is happening around you. And maybe that's why this all happened. I know that sounds completely sappy, but seriously, we shouldn't have to wait for something like fracturing a neck to make us realise what's going on around us.

And on that note, everyone go out and do something cray cray. Just kidding, but seriously.

Guess what I'm baking tomorrow? Paleo caramel pecan bars from PaleOMG. Hopefully they are awesome, or else I'll have no food to bring to the gym and that would be very sad. Tomorrow night is the last WOD for the open, and it's horrible. I can't wait to watch. I'll even be able to take a few pointers because it involves many many chest to bar pull ups. Oh and I did pilates twice in one day on Tuesday. Yeah you know it. As much as I like being able to work out by doing pilates, it really doesn't satisfy my work out craving. It's enough to keep me from going insane, but I do enjoy the feeling when you collapse on the floor after a work out and your hands are bleeding... Just sayin'.

So my friend/mamma/crossfit-machine Linds and I went out for a couple bottles of wine on Monday night and then ended up ordering chips and an assorted plate of meat, cheese, dips and some bread. It was awesome. And then Linds was like, "Is this paleo?"... Oops. I swear every day we are sounding more and more like this...

P.s. I forgot to tell you guys about my chicken regret the other day! I actually ate popcorn chicken from KFC last week after a fairly drunken night with Adrianna, and well, I had serious chicken regret. I woke up at about 3am and just vomited up the whole thing. Yep, classy. I don't even know what is in popcorn chicken, but I can tell you right now, it is not chicken. Never again...


I'm sorry. We all know that's not true.

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