fries and jesus.

Ok, these pecan caramel paleo bars I made on Friday were freaking delicious. I want to rejig the recipe though and put cacao in it. Because everything is better with cacao. Nom nom nom.

Awesome egg cracking skills.
Awesome cutting skills.
Also, Friday night was... interesting. So there was a lot of cider consumption. And then for some reason I thought espresso martinis were a good idea. Not the case. I ended up eating fries at the pub, and then after that I walked past that hideous place 'Lord of the Fries' and decided I wanted a large chips with mayonnaise. I don't even like mayonnaise with fries. What is wrong with me? Being on paleo I find that my only binge food I can eat that kind of is paleo and won't make me sick is fries. Apparently consuming ungodly amounts does not make me feel guilty either. Oh and did I pull up gloriously the next day? No. No I did not. Luckily I'm getting much more used to drinking consecutively and dealing with my hangovers (I feel oddly proud about this) so I was back on the cider the next day from about 3pm. Our whole gym was at The Fitz and we literally drank all of their cider. That I am definitely proud of! Of course we go where the cider is and left for the Napier Hotel which has Bulmers on tap. Very convenient and conflictingly inconvenient at the same time. And of course I ate more chips... with mayonnaise :-/ I feel so European. And fat.

Espresso Martini...Bad decision.
So yesterday something strange happened to me. I was at work serving some girl and her friend, and they asked me about my neck brace and I went through the whole spiel. And then they were just about to leave when her friend came up to me and was like "I know this sounds really strange but would you like me to pray for your neck?".
Now I'm not a religious person, and I make fun of Christianity, a lot. I thought she was joking at first and I did think about laughing. But then I realised she was serious and I actually thought it was really sweet! I mean someone wanting to pray for my neck is kind of awesome. Even if I don't believe in the religion, it's still a nice gesture. She said that she used to have chronic back pain and then started praying for her back to heal and apparently it did. Anyway, she put her hand on my neck and said a prayer. It was weird. I kind of thought it was hilarious and really touching at the same time. Oh well. I'll take what I can get with this brace! However my neck was sore today so I'm not sure Jesus has got my back on this one...

P.s. I had a coffee the other day. For those of you that don't know, I NEVER drink coffee. Partly because I don't like the taste, partly because I hate the Melbourne coffee scene because it's pretentious as fuck. But I actually enjoyed this latte. Nothing beats a classic earl grey tea with milk and honey though. Really.

It is pretty good looking though.

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