don't let go of the bar...?

Ok so first thing's first. You know how I was super pumped to see Anthony Bourdain? Well I freaking double booked myself like an idiot, and now I gotta try and find someone who wants to buy my ticket and go with my parents to see him Thursday night because I'm seeing Bon Iver! My parents are cool if anyone is wondering. And you will probably end up having drinks with Bourdain afterwards if my Dad gets his way. That sounds kind of creepy and did not come out right at all. But you get what I mean.

Anyway, I'm going to tell you all something that will make me sound like a complete crazy person but what type of blogger would I be if I didn't have these moments with you all? All 3 of you... I'm trying to figure out how to write this without making it sound weird. But it probably will sound weird anyway so whatever. All I want to do is put a dress on and a pair of heels. Is that too much to ask in life? Apparently it is when you have a neck brace. Which is fine I can deal with that, but sometimes it's just like, yes I know I'm wearing this huge fuck off piece of plastic around my body and I know it is awkward and slightly humorous but...I just want to feel a bit pretty. BAHA. Yeah it totally came out weird. I'm sorry :-/ But it's true! It is a sacred time getting dressed up. And it has been viciously taken away from me like my kipping pull ups and general hygiene (I actually got my second shower today..but still). So I had a bit of a cry like the girl that I am and then got paleo fried chicken made for me. Paleo fried chicken will make anyone feel pretty. I can tell you that, right now.

Oh the joys of showering.
Paleo Fried Chicken. The bomb.
Also, I think I'm going through a quarter-life crisis...? I think I want to change uni courses. Argh I am freaking out. You know what scares me? Regret and science. So I want to change to naturopathy or nutrition, I think it'll be naturopathy though because I don't know how well I would deal with learning the mainstream practises of nutrition that tell you that grains are good and we should eat it every day to grow healthy and strong. And if they showed me the food pyramid I think I would just die. So I'm feeling naturopathy is the thing for me. I might as well just drop out of my design course now before I do three years and then decide, oh wait I actually do want to do naturopathy! The regret of wasting all those years would be horrible. Also not changing to what I really want to do just because of lack of convenience isn't a good enough reason. But here's the thing. My entire life I decided that I was a creative person and that I could not do maths or science. I literally just believed in my core being that I was not a maths or science type of person, and so I studied everything arts. Like literally, my final subjects were English, Studio Arts, Drama, Theatre Studies, Dance and History..ok history was the reject subject. So as you can see, my lack of knowledge in the science department is quite obvious. This isn't helpful because most nutrition and naturopathy courses ask for you to have a prerequisite of chemistry or something. Awesome. The closest I got to Chemistry was a D in year 10. Gold star for me! So the science thing is really giving me issues. Why didn't I know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I was 16?? WHY??? Oh maybe because I couldn't even figure out what I was going to wear on the free dress day at school let alone make the decision to what I wanted to do for the rest of my freaking life. God I hate society.

I'm just going to open up a paleo cafe next to my gym and blog for the rest of my life. It could work...

P.s. We've got this really exciting CrossFit event coming up this month at our store, and so we've been playing the DVD from the CrossFit regionals in 2009. Everyone that comes in is like "woah what is this??" and then I jump in all excited and pumped to tell them about CrossFit and then they freak out. It's so hard to be an advocate for CrossFit when you have to wear a neck brace... But it wasn't CrossFit's fault that I fell off the bar. It was my own stupidity. You know what some woman asked me? "What have you learnt from this?"
 My response,
"Not to let go of the bar."

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