chopstick violation.

So I weighed myself the other day. I hardly ever weigh myself because most of the time I just feel like it doesn't help at all and especially with the neck brace I am quite aware that I'm rapidly losing muscle. And what do you know, I've lost weight. I feel really conflicted because I'm so annoyed about it! Am I the only 19 year old girl out there that actually gets upset at losing weight? Not cool body! Not cool. So many months of hard work at getting a bit of muscle on me and now it's just withering away. I was assessed back in January in a strength and conditioning session, and it was determined that my weakness is my strength. I know, depressing. What's even more depressing is that my strength is my mobility. So I can do all the movements, but I just fucking can't lift the weight. Sorry, I get a little aggro. Anyway, you can understand that me losing my little baby muscle makes me want to curl up into the foetal position and eat a cake. But I did have ice cream yesterday for the first time in freaking ages, so I guess cake isn't an option until July.

You know what I discovered a few days ago? How awesome a chopstick is. One of the most frustrating things with wearing a neck brace is when I get itchy and just physically cannot scratch the spot. It is the worst. And then I found the curiously awesome talents of the singular chopstick. My chopstick is plastic and has a blunt edge, so it doesn't hurt when I jab it into my neck. And the best part about this is, that I can jab it into my neck. You may think jabbing a chopstick into a fractured neck isn't recommended, but really it's a Japanese utensil used to pick up pieces of raw fish and rice, how harmful could it be?

I've noticed how much my dog takes advantage of my neck brace. He'll just come up to me and scratch his head on it like it's no biggie. Like he'll be all cuddly and then he just uses me for my neck brace and after he's finished, he'll abandon me and lie on the floor.  I kind of feel violated after he does it.

The culprit. Don't let his classiness fool you.
I got drunk on Tuesday night. It felt kind of weird but a good weird. Like when you use a chopstick to scratch yourself. Since when do I get drunk on a weekday you say? Since becoming a uni drop out. I don't even notice what day it is anymore, it's all becoming a brilliant blur really. I never used to be a big drinker because of uni and my horrible reactions to hangovers (I threw up in my back pack once but that's another story). Anyway, it's a bit liberating and totally freaking awesome. Just sayin'.

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