yeah, it's just a pizza.

Ok so yes I ate an Armenian breakfast pizza yesterday morning. It wasn't planned. It just happened. And for future notice, just because somebody puts the word "breakfast" in front of the word "pizza" doesn't mean that you're eating some kind of special healthier version. It's just a pizza. Now this all occurred due to the fact that Zac and I ate at a new cafe and I discovered that the menu revolved around bread...Sometimes you just can't win with paleo.

I decided the pizza would give me the courage to go outside in public by myself. Because this was the day. I was going into the city, unaccompanied, in all my bracey glory. As a blogger, I feel it is my duty to not only tell you about the ridiculous things that go on in my life, but to also reveal to you the not so great times. So the night before the big day, I cried. Mostly it was because I hated the feeling of actually being nervous to go out in public by myself. So when yesterday came around and I knew I had to go out, I just sucked it up and did it (the way I approach many WODs in CrossFit funnily enough). I was listening to my music really loud in an attempt to not notice all the people staring at didn't work. So I decided to stare back at them. People hate making eye contact, especially when they're staring at you because you're wearing a neck brace. Ha ha. It actually wasn't that bad. Also I got to see all of my Lululemon team which made my week, and we checked out this awesome CrossFit gym that's on a rooftop in the middle of the city. Obviously I sat out of the WOD and watched everyone else work out, which is like torture because all I want to do is get up on the pull up bar and do my freaking kipping pull ups! But that is not advised. On the upside I made another batch of chunky chocolate, orange and coconut paleo cookies which made everyone pretty happy after getting their asses kicked at the gym.

P.s. check out my official blogging set up...And yes, it is from Ikea. You know you want one too.

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