the omen.

My whole day yesterday consisted of cooking, drinking wine, and ...watching Cats 101. Along with Pets 101. I want a mini donkey. 
Also, I was hosting a girl's night. I had my whole day planned out to be hustling in the kitchen getting my paleo feast prepared for my lady friends. First thing, I made myself breakfast. And I burnt the bacon. I've cooked bacon so many times in my life, all I could hope was that it wasn't some sort of bacon omen warning me that there would be troubled times ahead. First off, I made the sweet potato brownies. Oh and if you're wondering, yes, they are delicious. Obviously I had to taste test them to make sure I hadn't made something that would set your gag reflex off. Let me just tell you, if you haven't had sweet potato in brownie form, you have not lived. That may be a little dramatic. But you get my point. 
Here's the link (
My alterations - Cacao powder instead of cocoa, loving earth raw cacao chocolate
chopped up instead of choc chips, and topped off with maple-candied walnuts.
Checking the chicken! It looks like I
have no pants on.
Next was prepping for the date and shallot rosemary chicken. Super simple and easy, it's just sliced shallots, quartered dates and a few sprigs of rosemary covering some chicken thighs in a balsamic dressing. When my girl friends came over we first ate a wheel of cheese. Oh yeah. Don't get in the way of a woman and her cheese. Luckily I made some almond meal and oregano biscuits to go with, these turned out way better than the coconut flour ones I tried to make. We also drank wine. Lots of wine. When the cheese was gone (it didn't take long) we moved into the kitchen as I started to plate up dinner. I love my friends. They remind why I can't walk around the house all day in my pyjamas and become one of those people who watch TV shows on cats... Uh so the chicken came out perfect. The recipe asked for chicken breasts but I find chicken thighs to be way more...hmm I want to say moist but I do not like that word. Whatever. MOIST. Ughh. Any who, thighs all the way. Am I still talking about chicken?.. Back to the point. I did a fig and walnut salad to accompany the chicken, and it tasted fricken good. I'm not one to pat myself on the back..or the brace I guess. But the dinner definitely turned out way better than expected. So the moral of this story you ask? Burn the bacon and you will make an awesome dinner.
Almond meal and oregano biscuits.
How good looking are they???
Paleo heaven.
I went back to the hospital today to have my "review". So turns out all they did was make sure I wasn't getting pins and needles in my limbs (no for the hundredth time) and that my fracture was pretty darn good considering how crap it could have turned out. But when the specialist came into the room she started off with "now you're not going to like to hear this're going to have to wear the brace for 3 months." Well DUH. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?? I was thinking, "here it comes, I'm going to have to get surgery or wear that freaking halo brace...". Apparently not though. BOOYAH. Except I have to go back again in two weeks to get x-rays. All of this exposure to radioactivity is starting to concern me. Maybe I'll develop awesome CrossFit powers and when I get back in the gym I'll be able to miraculously do muscle ups and Fran under 3 minutes... I'm optimistic.

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