losing my dignity, and then finding it again.

So I went out Saturday night with the Lululemon gang. Yep, I hit up the town. And I looked good. Real good.
Not really.
But anyway. I can tell you one thing. Bowling with a neck brace on is not easy. Nor is walking through a street full of overweight, hairy, middle-aged Greek men. Yes, that's right it was the Greek festival in Melbourne. Oh did I mention that it was freaking hot and disgustingly humid? Not enjoyable.
I'll tell you what is enjoyable though. Negotiating how to take a tequila shot with a neck brace on. It's doable. A little too doable. You just gotta throw your whole back into it really. That doesn't sound safe, but it totally is... I even got props from the bartenders for my awesome shot-taking technique. You know how it is. Also I ate a lot of cheese. I don't really know how that happened. The night ended with a guy yelling out of a taxi at me saying "neck brace!" which was then followed by me giving him the finger. Ah memories. On reflection though, he really could've come up with something a little less obvious.

The next day consisted of me sleeping, dry gagging in the sink and eating popcorn (my go to hang over food). Also, lying sprawled out on the couch (similar to the classic CrossFit post-WOD position) took up a lot of my time.


After regaining my dignity yesterday, Adrianna took me to get my first shellac! If you are not familiar with this term, it's pretty much just getting your nails painted with really long lasting nail polish. I chose this dark purpley colour, it's pretty amazing. I think it'll distract people from my neck brace too... Or distract me from noticing people looking at my neck brace because I'll just be admiring my freaking awesome nails. That's probably it. Then I was off to work for my first shift back in three weeks! It was brilliant being in the store. Obviously I bought new stuff. Even if I can't test it out in the gym, I can still make it work with the neck brace. I did feel a little ridiculous walking around looking like I was about to do a work out, but whatever. I feel ridiculous a lot of the time, even without a neck brace on.

P.s. My gym is #209 in the world after the first WOD for the CrossFit Open out of 1792 teams. Represent! I gotta bring my A-Game to the next WOD Friday night. I'm trying to figure out what Paleo goods to bake for everyone, it's a lot of pressure. Seriously, feeding 30 people is not something I do on a regular basis. Hopefully I have some vivid dream of an awesome Paleo recipe. Last night I dreamt about going to Starbucks and In n Out burger. Good to see where my priorities are.

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