hello clarice...

Today I walked past a fully grown man on the street and he said to me, "Hey nice brace! You kinda look like an alien...".


Of course I responded by kindly correcting him that I prefer Storm Trooper rather than alien. Admittedly most of the time the neck brace brings on unwanted attention. Surprisingly it isn't that funny when people say "Hey how you going?.. OH probably better than you!". This seems to be one of the most common phrases used, by the end of the three months I'll probably punch someone in the face. Then I'll definitely be better than them.

My boyfriend Zac got his wisdom teeth out today. I know, on Valentine's Day. Him with his banged up mouth and me with this awkward neck brace on. We looked good together to say the least. I've never dealt with anyone after they've gotten their wisdom teeth out. But let me tell you, it is hilarious. Have you ever seen that movie 'Elephant Man'? Zac was channelling John Merrick. And then I would kind of hear Hannibal Lecter when he would do these weird slurping sounds. It was ridiculous.
Ridiculously sexy.

I watched Zac work out the other day in his backyard gym. That wasn't super fun. I sat there and watched him do Power Cleans, critiquing as he went along. Not that I have much skill in critiquing the power clean considering I've only done about two good ones in the entirety of my CrossFit career...Ok I just lost my train of thought, I'm using Zac's computer which is in the same room as the cat litter box and the cat food. I smell like cat. I can't be the person in the neck brace that also smells like cat. Anyway, I had this image in my head when I first fractured my neck that I would turn into that fat guy that's always sitting at the boxing ring watching everyone else work out. I mean, minus me actually turning into a man, and instead of a boxing ring it would be a CrossFit gym, but you get the idea. I probably would prefer that over the crazy cat lady though...Wow. A fat man or a crazy cat lady are my only options so far on how I'm going to turn out by the end of these three months. Awesome.


  1. Sooo how do you manage the fashion challenges?

    1. Well one of the first things I did after I got out of hospital was to go straight to Chadstone and stock up on neck brace friendly clothing! Basically anything that has a super wide and open neckline that is loose fitting is the way to go. I love wearing loose fitting clothes, especially ponchos and capes, so it's not a huge wardrobe change for me :-) But a good excuse to go out and buy more clothes!


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