don't I look bad ass?

I know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting eagerly to hear how my shower went, so let me tell you. It was the bomb-freaking-diggity. Who would've thought that standing under hot water would be so awesome. I washed my hair three times just for fun. Apart from the sogginess afterwards (which was only temporary because then I got fitted out with fresh new liners), I felt all shiny and new. Now I just need to find a nice air freshener to hang off my brace and I'll be looking good. Real good.

I got my hair did...sort of.

So Wednesday I have to go in for my review with the neurosurgeons. And the orthopaedic specialist that re-fitted my brace today was telling me that I'd have to get more X-Rays. Apparently, if they show that my fracture has gotten worse I might have to get surgery or wear a more intrusive neck brace..yes, the halo. Quietly I freaked out. Number one, how the frick could my fracture get worse? I can't move my head! Number two, if I have to get surgery, I will get a crazy ass scar that will make me look like I've been mauled by a raccoon. And number three, if I have to wear a halo neck brace, I will actually become a hermit..and this is a serious problem for you all because what would you do without me??? SO instead of freaking the shit out, I decided that my fractures will look sexy and the surgeons will be so impressed with my healing process they'll just lose their shit right there in the hospital. Yep...

Also May 2 is D-Day. If all goes to plan, that's when the brace will come off. So let's all get excited and plan a big "YAY-you-got-your-neck-brace-off-and-now-you-look-totally-freaking-normal-again!" party. I'm open to changing the name of the event by the way...Also a specialised WOD for my come back at the gym is welcomed. If I get in there and we're doing Fran or Kelly or something like that, there will be contemplation to fracture my neck again.


P.s. I completely forgot to tell you guys about this hilarious conversation I had with the lady at the bank. She did the whole "Oh what happened to you?" and I explained the injury, etc. But then she said something that caught me completely off guard..
"Well I hope it's not serious..".
That's literally the face I gave her. What do I even say to that? I guess my neck brace doesn't look as bad ass as I thought. Just cash my check from medicare and let me get out of here lady.

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