chicken regret.

You know when you're either super ridonculously drunk and you decide that eating 20 chicken nuggets is an amazing idea, or you're crazy hungover and all you want is kfc chicken greasing it up in and around your mouth? And then afterwards you just feel completely horrible? My brother calls the aftermath of this 'chicken regret'. I'm feeling chicken regret right now. But it is hardly fast food related.

I went back to my gym tonight. It's been three weeks since the accident and it was time for me to get back in there to say hi and spread my paleo cooking love to the masses. The CrossFit Games have started, so tonight everyone was doing the first WOD to compete for the open. 7 minutes of as many burpees as possible. Not the best work out, but I was still envious that I couldn't join in! I can't wait to see what my mentality is like once I can get back in the gym, if I ever feel like complaining during a work out I seriously will have to slap myself in the face to remind me how lucky I am that I can even move properly. I got given some great words of wisdom and it felt brilliant to be back in one of my favourite places. But then I got chicken regret. Afterwards I just felt so shitty. Ok well number one, it's been freaking hot today and feeling sweat run down your neck brace is really not an ideal sensation you want to be experiencing. But it comes with the territory I guess. So I already felt gross (and we all know that when I feel dirty and sweaty I get clinically depressed) and then watching all my gym buddies ripping it up (twice in a row now!) although was completely inspiring, made me just feel incompetent. And I know that doesn't make sense because it's not me personally, but I have always been a totally independent person and now I feel like a whole part of me has been taken away and I'm trying to wrap my head around (not literally of course!) not being able to do things that used to come so easily. Obviously I don't regret going into the gym and I can't wait to go back again as soon as I can. I just can't compare visiting the gym to eating fast food again. Because that is just not healthy!

Before this gets completely bleak and dismal, I got to catch up with my amazing friend Bryony today. We shared a couple of ciders and ate cheese (mostly I ate the cheese...) and she updated me on her round the world trip that she just recently got back from. Bryony is hilarious. She makes me laugh every 3 seconds and that dosage of humor perked me right up and actually it's making me feel better already reflecting on how freaking great that girl is. Anywho, all up it was a glorious day. And really, I did so well being out in public by myself! Gold star for me I think! Now let's forget all about this chicken regret and eat some bacon. (I actually was just eating bacon. Boom!).

Bryony in all her glory!

P.s. Check out the awesome get well card I got from the gym. Who doesn't love a monkey on a card???

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