bringing caveman back.

I think the neck brace makes me dream more. Ever since having to wear it, I've had one vivid dream after another. Some of these dreams include defeating Voldemort with my friends (surprisingly this isn't the first time I've dreamt this...), fighting in racially divided wars at DisneyWorld (concerning to say the least), holidaying it up in the Caribbean and one dream where all I did was eat hot chips. Now the hot chips thing made sense to me because I've been craving comfort food for over two weeks now, and I have given in for the most part. Being Paleo since October, I only really wavered from this when I went on holidays to California. But apart from that I have been really good about staying away from grains, legumes, dairy and anything processed. My how the tables have turned. I won't ramble on the list of terrible things that I've eaten since fracturing my neck, but I can assure you, it is shameful. So I've decided to take action. I'm going to start cooking again.

Before I started Paleo I was a curry eating, desert making, popcorn devouring (that one hasn't changed much :-/), yum cha loving monster. I literally would eat anything (apart from fast food, etc). I kid you not, my first word as a baby was "more". Growing up all my life being taught how to appreciate food, when I made the choice to turn Paleo, I had to approach food in a different way. I was told "food is fuel" and that I couldn't look at it any other way. Of course I could see the effects of being on Paleo worked wonders for me as a CrossFitter, and I found ways to alter my favourite dishes to be Paleo friendly. But after seeing my food as fuel, I lost my passion in creating yummy elaborate meals! After having a shitty day (not every day is a breeze with the neck brace on), where it's been hot and I feel gross, sweaty, dirty and all I want is a proper shower - it's happening MONDAY WOO! - and I just want to curl up into a ball and eat cake, I decided I needed to find recipes for Paleo cookies or else I would actually die.

Not much has changed really...

Thank GOD for the internet. I found a few really amazing Paleo recipe websites that have inspired me to get back into the kitchen and make healthy, delicious meals. So I'm going to bake some cookies now that I will be able to eat to my heart's content!

Also I really miss my gym. I was in the car today (being driven around of course) and the song Disarm by the Smashing Pumpkins came on and it reminded me of a time when we were doing a really elaborate warm up and I was trying to be serious (I get in trouble for laughing too much when I work out - apparently if I'm laughing I'm not working hard enough.. pffft!) but I couldn't help but sing along to the song and then I started laughing and I'm pretty sure I was trying to hold a plank at the time. It just went downhill from there. Anyway, maybe I'll just turn into the official chef for the gym and make deliveries of caveman cookies and bacon meatballs for everyone. I could even do it in my storm trooper mask. Whatever works I guess...

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