Bacon and Wonder.

After yesterday's not so great day, I decided today would be the complete opposite. So I started the morning off with bacon (like there's any other way). Seriously, I could actually do a whole blog on bacon. And I can predict the success of it would be way better than this one, so possibly I will start another blog. But back to the point. First off I made banana paleo pancakes topped with strawberries and bacon (and a little maple syrup because I can). I've tried to do banana pancakes three times now (it is so simple, it's kind of annoying), and these ones definitely turned out the best. Just use one really ripe banana and two eggs mixed together. You can add any spices you like and just plop it in the pan! Boom! 

Then onto the baking. So as I mentioned yesterday, I've been craving pretty much anything and everything that I can't eat...or do for that matter (showering...*sigh*). So I hunted down a great recipe from Civilized Caveman. Coconut Choc Chip Cookies, but I tweaked them a little. I finally found coconut flour and I can definitely say it is way better than almond meal. No offence almond meal, but you are kind of claggy and I like the taste of coconut more. Anyway! Here's the link for the recipe (instead of chocolate chips I cut up a block of loving earth raw cacao chocolate).

I put on my Stevie Wonder album, got my bake on (for some reason that does not sound right..) and actually danced around in the kitchen. Well it was sort of dancing...I don't really know how you classify dancing with a neck brace on, sometimes I feel like one of those novelty dippy drinking birds that just kind of bob up and down :-/ At least the cookies tasted good.

I was eager to get on to cooking my next creation but realised we had run out of eggs. This is when the neck brace really sucks because I can't drive with it. So instead of wallowing in self pity, I did what any sane person would do. Eat more bacon. Yep, that's right. I had bacon for lunch. But don't worry, it wasn't the same bacon I had for breakfast. We actually had two different types of bacon in the fridge. This time, it was honey smoked (and no bad stuff in it!). Om nom nom nom.

Dinner was Coconut (I think there's a theme going on here?) Prawns. Basically it's prawns dipped in eggs, covered in curry powder, cayenne pepper, coconut flour, salt and black pepper, and then coated in shredded coconut. Once that's done, you just put them in the pan with coconut milk, garlic and more curry powder. It was super easy, but I would tweak the recipe a little bit. I found this one from Paleo Porn on facebook. I think the coconut milk made them a bit soggy, so I'd probably just cook them in macadamia oil and lime juice, and then make a coconut milk sauce to put on top. But still it was tasty! 

I think in conclusion, I have a crush on Stevie Wonder. But really, who doesn't?

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